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How to find the correct make up colours for you

How to find the correct make up colours for you
How to find the correct make up colours for you

We are all unique and have our own skin tone and finding the correct colour shades makes a huge difference. Here are my tips on how to find the correct make up colours for you. I will share with you my experience of looking for the perfect shade of foundation.

How to find the correct make up colours for you

I don’t usually wear foundation unless I am going somewhere special. In the summer I find that as I get hot it just rolls off my face. As I am going to a wedding in South Africa in December when the weather is going to be hot. I thought I would try and find a product that would work for me.

Finding the correct foundation

Firstly, I went to a high- end brand in a department store and thought I would start there. The sales assistant placed her machine on my cheek and told me that I had a cool skin tone and needed a pinkie foundation. I queried this with her as I have a warm skin tone and she said know this machine says that you have a cool complexion. This did not store any confidence in me. She said I could try one of the warm ones but by then I had lost faith.

Finding the correct foundation

What should I do now? I cross the road to Boots and try another brand. This assistant didn’t use a machine to determine the colour, but I think just tried a few at random. The foundations were quite expensive and she I didn’t have any real faith in what she was saying so, walked away again.

How to find the correct make up colours for you

Third time lucky and this brand came up trumps and the assistant knew what she was talking about. Immediately, she knew I had a warm skin tone which was great. I explained the problems I had been experiencing and she put my mind at rest straight away. We looked at two colours and decided to go for the brighter of the two as I will be in the sunshine at the time. She suggested that I also buy a colourless powder that I can just press onto the skin if I start to glow! I asked if there were any offers on now, and she said that I qualified for £10.00 of boots points.  She said that she would give me a goody bag. In it was a mini cleanser, day cream, night cream and mascara. How great was that and I get to try some other products.

Warm Skin tone

The warm woman can wear all gold, peach and apricot make up colours. Eyeliners can be moss green, soft brown or coffee coloured but avoid wearing black and choose a brown mascara.  Choose warm colours like moss, peach and soft brown eye shadows. Your lips colours are terracotta, brick red, copper, peach and coral.

Cool Skin Tone

The Cool woman should look at eyeliners in blue, violet and eye shadows in pinks blues lilacs and greys. Your lipstick should be pink, burgundy, fuchsia and rose coloured. You can look wonderful in a red lip, but make sure it is a blue red with no hint of orange.

If you need any help in deciding which skin tone you have, a good make up person should be able to help you. I too can advise you by having a Colour Consultation we go into depth and I show you the good colours along with the wrong ones. Check out my website for full details. Do not hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat.

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Find out which colours work best for you!!

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