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My tips on how to dress to camouflage your tummy

Nearly everyone one of my clients over the age of 40yrs wants to know how to camouflage their tummy area. I think that the menopause has a lot to do with this. I don’t know about you, but my body shape changed during that time even though I still weighed the same. Here are my tips on how to dress to camouflage your tummy.

My tips on how to dress to camouflage your tummy


Underwear plays a huge part in the overall look that you get with any outfit. Make sure that you are wearing the right sized bra and that it is giving you the support that you need. Support knickers are not a favourite of mine. I find they usually are tight across the tummy area making them uncomfortable to wear and the fat then spills out over the top. (Hence the name muffin top). Let’s face it. it must go somewhere. So, what is the solution. I would suggest that you wear a full pant without the VPL (visual panty line) on the leg, as these will give you a smooth line under all your clothes. Bridget Jones springs to mind here but we are aiming to get a smooth base to put our clothes.


Jeans are a great way to hide a tummy and you have so much choice out there to dress whatever body shape you have. Choose a pair that either fits on the waist of just below that way you can cover your tummy which will hold it in. Jeans usually have some stretch in too which makes them comfortable to wear. Choose the right style of jean to work with your body shape.

My tips on how to dress to camouflage your tummy

Trousers & Skirts

As with the jeans get them sitting on the waist and ideally have the zip on the side to not add any further volume in the front. Avoid darts in the waist band as this too,this will add volume in area you don’t want.  A flat front is always the best. If the skirt is pleated ideally the pleats should not start on the waist but lower down under the belly to avoid extra volume.


Many of the dresses available now are designed to camouflage the tummy area and have a kind of diagonal rushing across the front drawing you eye away from the waist. If you have a good bust, you can create the illusion of a waist by highlighting your cleavage and a wrap dress would be good for that. Choose one is a fabric that drapes nice across the tummy area.

My tips on how to dress to camouflage your tummy
My tips on how to dress to camouflage your tummy

Dressing your top half

This is the area you can go to town, as this is where you want to draw the eye to. Try wearing an open cardigan or coat undone and this will elongate your silhouette. This cardigan here comes from Marks & Spencer  and comes in several colourways and retails at £25.00.

Try an asymmetrical top as this will draw the line down the body and away from the tummy area. It’s all about illusion. Wear the colour on your top half and put the darker colours in your trousers/skirts.

If scarves are your thing as this model has done wear one in the neck but have plenty of the material hanging down the front again to draw the eye down. You are aiming to create a long and lean silhouette by using vertical lines.

I always love a statement necklace to draw the eye up.

My tips on how to dress to camouflage your tummy

What you are looking to do here is to draw any attention away from your tummy area, creating balance so you can take the attention from the widest part of your body. One way to do this is to choose fabrics that skim over the body and if you want to wear a belt don’t tie it over your widest part of your body.

I hope that has given you some good ideas to dress your tummy area. If you need any further advise do get in touch, I would love to hear from you.

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