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Which Colours are best for you?

Finding out which colours are best for you can be life changing.

Someone came up to me at one of my events and said to me ” I had my colours done some time ago and for me,  it was definately life changing.  I had been overlooked for promotion at work many times and I didn’t know why, as I knew I was capable and right for these roles.  I had a colour consultation and started to wear colour to work and I started to get noticed and was no longer over looked. Since then I have been promoted several times and now hold a senior role in a Corporate company” So how do you know which colours are best for you.

Warm Red Cool Red
Warm Red                       Cool Red


One of my clients said to me Red is a good colour for me, but she was wearing the wrong red.  She had a warm complection and should have been wearing a yellow based red but in fact she had chosen a blue based dark red which was totally wrong on her.




Colour swatch
Colour swatch

Colour is the essence of successful dressing

  • It affects how we feel and how people respond to us
  • Getting it right gives us more confidence

Colour attracts the eye

  • It’s the very first thing people notice about us and it’s what we are remembered for

Colours which match our skin tone enhance our natural looks      and this gives us

  • A healthier more youthful glow without the need for too much makeup
  • More definition to face shapes and slim body lines
  • A lively look to the entire face, brightening our eyes and giving our skin a glowing appearance

Colour co-ordinated clothes are an economical investment

  • Creating more outfits with fewer clothes

You too can have a colour analysis consultation to find your  best colours.   click here for more details and find out which colours are best for you.

I am a Colour & Style Coach based in Chelmsford Essex so if you would  like some details on how I can help you with either Colour to suit you or style please take a look on my website or you can email me on If you would prefer a chat on 07786 632798

Current Offers

Two ladies for a colour analysis at the discounted price of £140 (£70 each).   Why not book a session for you and a friend, mum and daughter and have some girliie time.  Offer expires 31st october 2016
I have a Facebook page which I am regularly posting relevant information on please feel free to like for me  and  I have several fashion and style boards on  Pinterest
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