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Tall Girls Style Tips

Being a tall lady myself I know the problems of shopping to find trousers that are long enough,  blouses and tops that don’t look like they are cropped, long sleeves that look like a long 3/4 sleeves.  Forget buying a swimming costume or a jump suit as they are never long enough in the body. So what can we do, here are a few of my  Tall Girls Style Tips.

  • Tall Girls Style Tips
    Tall Girls Style Tips

    Trousers – Lets start with trousers, yes there are a number of stores who do sell their trousers by leg length which is very usefull and I will list all the stores at the foot of this blog.  So what can you do if not, always check to see if there is a hem that you can let down and use that wonderweb to re-hem as it is easy to use and just iron on.  Or  you can add a false hem to your trousers by using a co-0rdinating fabric to make it look like it is supposed to be there.  This works particulary well on and slim leg trousers.  Another option is to shorten them to a 7/8ths length to finish on the ankle, or go for the new length wide leg cullottes length if you prefer that.  Failing that you can just roll up the leg.   Just always remember that not to finnish a hem on the largest part of you leg.

  • Body length – Now this is a difficult one, I am long in the body so alot of tops do come up too short and so I have leart to shop wisely and choose stores that perhaps to have a longer range in T/Shirts (Primark and M&S).  As I have a long body  I choose to wear a belt at it will break up your torso and avoid waisted dresses.    If not try layering in several cool fabrics that can often help.
  • Sleeves – I am not so long in the arms so don’t have this problem but choosing a 3/4 sleeve often helps.  You can do as I have suggested for the trousers try lengthing the sleeve by adding a cuff and make your item your own, fabrics do not need to match perfectly and so they will add interest to you item.  Jackets are nice worn with the sleeves rolled up to give it a more casual look and no one will realise that they are too short they will asume the jacket was meant to be worn that way.
  • Tall Girls Style Tips
    Tall Girls Style Tips

    Shoes – This is a difficult one and we all have our ideas flat or high?  but it is best even if you are tall to at least where a small heal as it will make you feet look smaller and gives an overall all good look to most outfits.  Some of you of course will rock it with high heals and whilst other prefer her converse or pump.

  • Fabrics – One of my style rules is the larger the frame the larger the pattern. So if you are a larger lady don’t wear a small print  choose a biger floral design and if you are a smaller lady make sure you choose a small print.  As a general rule of thumb a more dense pattern is slimming and a sparse pattern will create more curves so pick one to suit you.

Tall Girls Style Tips

Here are some of the High Street Stores that offer a tall range, unfortunately, most of them you do have to order on line unless you are at one of their flagship stores.

Stand Tall and embrace your height
Stand Tall and embrace your height

Marks & Spencer do a long leg length

Next do leg lengths as well as a tall range

Top Shop Tall

New Look Tall

Dorothy Perkins Tall

Boohoo Tall

Asos Tall

Long Tall Sally (On line not any local stores now)

6 Foot Fashion – On line at

On my Pinterest account I have many style boards and one of them is for  Tall girls Style Tips so take a look at that for some ideas.  Click here

I also have a Colourworx Facebook page where I am regulary posting about fashion trends and style news.   Facebook

I am a Colour & Style Coach based in Chelmsford Essex so if you would  like some details on how I can help you with either Colour to suit you or style please take a look on my website On here are plenty of style tips, follow my style blogs, sign up to my workshops and take a look at my offers.   Alternatively  you can email me on If you would prefer a chat on 07786 632798
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