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“How To Look a Million Dollars”

I am going to share with you some ways to make your outfits look expensive in some very easy ways which won’t cost a fortune.  Its really simple to upscale an outfit to make it look a lot more expensive. So here goes

“How to look a million dollars”

"How to look a million Dollars"
“How to look a million Dollars”
  • Firstly make sure that you have a good fit and if neccessary take to a tailor and get those nips and tuck where they are needed.  I recently bought this simple navy dress in a sal for £9.00 in Asda but it was a size too big.  Bargain I thought so,  I had to take in the bust with a few stitches under the arm and all was good.
  • Add some gold accessories, and I have added a gold statement neckless and cuff bracelet and it brings it alive.
  • Wearing all one colour is a great way to elongate the look but if you are using separates make sure that the two items are the same colour as two black can look very different.
  • Tuck in your shirt tales, I know lots of ladies like to wear these outside to cover up your bum, but try tucking into your skirt or trousers.  Try this also with a baggy jumper and tuck in the hem.
  • Cinch in your waist with a nice belt
  • Keep your handbags nice and clean and shiney, store in your wardrobe in the dust covers to protect them.
  • Invest your money in basic items ie skirts, trousers, jackets and coat and you can add some of the high street on trend items to wear with.
  • Shoes and Bags need to be good ones and if they match or co-ordinate and match the outfit all the better.
  • Keep the look polished and make sure you are well groomed with your hair, nails and makeup.
  • Make-up I could write a whole blog on but do continue the colours through to your make-up as well with a lipstick that compliments the overall look.
  • A tailored jacket is your best friend.  You can layer over that floaty dress, add a touch of class to your denim, or smarten up the slim leg trousers for work.
  • Dress you your denim and my favourite way to do this is with a blazer but try a pair of heals and good handbag as well
  • Buy a classic belted trench coat and go for the traditional Camel or Navy for that sophisticated look and avoid the high street trends as this one will never date.

Accessorise Your Outfits

So its all about what you put with your outfit that makes all the difference.  Look through magazines and look at the manikins in the shops and see what they put with each outift in fact the stores do it for you.  But here are some of my tips on “How to look a million dollars”

If you go to my website and look on the colour tab choose the shop for accessories their are some ideas on here  Shop for accessories

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“How To Look A Million Dollars”  By Sandra at Colourworx


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