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How to hide your legs in the new spring designs

Have you seen the new spring designs in trousers this season? If you love colour you will not be disappointed, the brighter the better it seems. Try not to get too carried away with the pretty pattern and concentrate on getting the right shape for you. Here are my top tips on how to hide your legs in the new spring designs.

How to hide your legs in the new spring designs

So, what do you need to take into account when choosing these fashion trousers. For me the following

  • The material
  • Fit & Style of the trouser
  • Colour
  • Pattern or print
How to hide your legs in the new spring designs
How to hide your legs in the new spring designs


The material for me, is the most important. In trousers I always look to see if it will crease, as there is nothing worse when you stand up to see lots of creasing. That is while 100% linen does not work for me. A linen mix is better, but you will get some creasing. I like to choose a material with some weight, so it will hang nicely and one that will skim the body. If it has too much Lycra in it beware that it might be clingy. That is fine if we are talking leggings or leggings. These blue cotton rich slim leg 7/8 trousers from M&S are 70% cotton with some polyester and elastane for added stretch. They are slim fit and mid- rise and retail at £25.00 and come in five colours.


How to hide your legs in the new spring designs
How to hide your legs in the new spring designs


This is very important too, one thing for most ladies to bear in mind, is the waist on a trouser. If they are darted on the waist, it could add pounds around the tummy area as also, a gathered waist would do. Side pockets are not always a good look as they often stick out. A flat front and side zip is the best combination.

If you carry all your weight on your top half it is good to balance that out by choosing either a wide leg or a boot- cut. There always lots of palazzo pants around in the summer and they make a great wardrobe staple. This pair here are from Matalan,  have a flat front but do have an elasticated back for comfort. These Palm print Wide Leg Palazzo pants are £15.00

As for the length that is a matter of choice. One thing to bear in mind is that it is not a good idea to finish the length of the trouser at the widest part of the leg. Some of these culottes type trousers might do that for you.

Ankle Grazers are good but if you are heavier on the top half make sure you balance things out by wearing a longer top.


In the summer I think you can be more adventurous in colour. Take into account what you will be wearing with them, so they can be a versatile piece in your wardrobe.

Pattern or Print

Take care when choosing a pattern be it flowers or geometric print and look and see where the pattern sits on the body.  This will also vary from garment to garment. Whilst stripes are good if you are tall and slim just bear in mind, how the stripes will look on your curves. If you have a curvy figure, choose curvy patterns like paisley designs and angular prints for straight up and down figures.

How to hide your legs in the new spring designs

With spring around the corner and the bulbs now coming through, we come out into the light, as we find ourselves drawn towards clothes with colour and vibrancy. Uniglo one of the High Street stores has teamed up with a Finnish textile company called Marimekko and they are bringing out a new range to invite all women to discover the joy of being bold. The online launch is on the 29th March with the collection available the next day in the shops.


My name is Sandra and I am colour and style coach based in Chelmsford Essex. Colour is my passion and I love to help ladies find out which colours best suit them. This can be very liberating, giving ladies confidence to be the very best version of themselves and make great changes in their lives.

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