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How to become a more confident version of you

How to become a more confident version of you
How to become a more confident version of you

I am going to share with you how to become a more confident version of you. If you have confidence in yourself it makes it so much easier to portray the real you. We all want to be the best version of ourselves and I am going to show you how

How to become a more confident version of you

If you know that you are looking good, it makes you feel good too. It takes 30 seconds to make that first impression, so don’t waste it.


Get a good hair cut

Let’s start with your hair. Your hair cut you wear every day, so invest in a good cut. When it comes to colour make sure you don’t stray more than two shades of your natural colour. I have met so many people whilst giving a colour analysis, that have dyed their hair the wrong colour. This can often mean that the colour is too harsh for the skin tone and will drain you of colour. If you are looking to cover grey, don’t go darker, one shade lighter will disguise the grey. Sometimes it is best to have highlights put in rather than a block colour, but your hairdresser will advise you.


Wearing the right makeup will make a huge difference too. If you are not sure what is good for you do go and get some good advice. Most of the makeup counters will be able to help you.  I know that No 7 in Boots do offer a colour match. If you have a cool skin tone you need to wear cool colours in your makeup and a pink blusher. If you have a warm skin tone, choose warm tones and a peachy blusher.

Get your brows done regularly, shaped and tinted, they are a frame to your face.

Wearing the right colours for you

This is the most important, wearing the wrong colours will make you tired and stressed. Wearing the right colours will mean there is less need for make up. It will bring out the colour of your eyes, reduce any lines or blemishes and give a younger look to the face. If you need any help with finding which colours are best for you do get in touch. Visit my website for details of what a Colour Analysis Session entails.

What normally happens after a colour session is, that when you are wearing the right colours, you start to get the compliments. Wow you look nice!! or I love your outfit!!  Sometimes they are not sure what you have changed but they know that you have changed something. What does this do for you? It makes you feel good and raises your confidence.

How to become a more confident version of you
How to become a more confident version of you


My mum used to say that you tell a good man by his clean shoes and clean finger nails. I used to laugh at that but, there is some truth in it. If you have done all the above, while spoilt it by wear dirty worn out shoes. Your shoes can make or break an outfit. If your shoes are comfortable you will be more active and therefore feel more confident. There are some fantastic flats out there if heals are no longer for you.

Also, there is nothing worse than seeing chipped nail varnish. I you don’t have time to keep doing your nails wear a neutral polish or just a clear. If you are suffering with dryness on your hands this time of year do use hand cream. Your hands can show your age if you don’t look after them.

Find your own sense of style

It is important to find your own style. You can do that by looking at your friends and colleagues or, get some inspiration from the celebs. Look at your figure and accentuate your best features and play down the bits you don’t like. If you have good legs, then show them off, a nice bust wear tops that enhance your figure.

Lots of ladies are conscious of their tummy area, wear wasted jeans to hold it all in. If your arms are big, cover them up. If you need any help or advise do get in touch. Visit my website to find out what I style consultation involves.

When You look good, you feel good!!!

How to become a more confident version of you

I hope that has given you a few ideas, on how to become a more confident version of you, but it does not stop here. It is important to find time for you, to do something that you enjoy and what makes you happy.  Get physically and mentally fit. Find a sport that you enjoy, get out into nature and go for a walk. Be aware of what you eat and what you are putting into your body and basically look after yourself. You need to be in good shape before you can look after others.

My name is Sandra and I am colour and style coach based in Chelmsford Essex. Colour is my passion and I love to help ladies find out which colours best suit them. This can be very liberating, giving ladies confidence to be the very best version of themselves and make great changes in their lives.

Click over to my website now for more details.

You can follow me on Facebook  where I regularly post style updates.  Pinterest  is a love of mine and here I have several boards from style, colour combinations and many more. If you would like to have a chat and find out how I can help you, please call me on 07786 632798 or email me or visit my website 

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