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How to wear a jumper that is too short

Does anyone else have the same problems as me when buying jumpers and tops. I know that I am long in the waist, but I am having so much trouble trying to find jumpers long enough in the body. I do buy most of my basics in M&S as they offer value for money, but I have had to return three jumpers recently as they have come up too short in the length.  By the way I am not talking about cropped tops here as I would not entertain those at all. Here are my top tips on how to wear a jumper that is too short.

How to wear a jumper that is too short

How to wear a jumper that is too short
How to wear a jumper that is too short

Now I am not suggesting that you go and buy jumper or top that is too short but if you to have some already in your wardrobe, I have some ideas on how to wear them.

Firstly, wear a blouse or shirt underneath. You can buy so many pieces now where the jumper has a built- in shirt in the jumper, so it will not look strange to wear a shirt underneath a jumper.

Secondly, I would suggest that you wear a camisole underneath your jumper or top. As spring approaches the shops are now taking delivery of their new stock. Choose a camisole with a lace trim on the bottom and wear it with the lace showing. This not only looks nice but also, it looks like it is meant to be. If it does not have a lace on the bottom its, not a problem, as it will still extend the length of the top.



How to wear a jumper that is too short

If it is a top we are talking about that is short, try adding a piece of lace or fringing along the bottom. This can be very effective and will extend the length.

Depending on how short the item is, you can try tucking it into what you are wearing at the waist. Or just wear something longer over the top.

I hope that has given you a few ideas on how to wear a jumper that is too short. If you would like some more help or advise do please get in touch I would love to hear from you.

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