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Why would you choose to wear only black and white?

I guess this is a very valid question for a Colour & Style Coach who has a passion for colour. It just makes no sense to me, so let me explain. Why would you choose to wear only black and white? I wouldn’t and here’s why.

Why would you choose to wear only black and white?

Out of the four seasons in colour analysis only one looks good in black and that is the Winter season. All of the others, I would not advise to wear black close to your face.


They say that the darker the colour the higher the authority. In other words, if you think of professions like the Police, Security and Prison Officers, they all have a black uniform. As black is as dark as it gets, it easily goes over the top and can elicit fear along with authority. When people think of black in terms of fashion, what often comes to mind is the “LBD” (Little black dress). This has always had a reputation of being alluring or sexy, so the danger signal was being sent out loud and clear. The men also followed on from that also with tuxedos and started wearing black too.

Black is a very negative colour, it obsorbs the heat, so wearing when hot is not advisable, whereas white, reflects the heat, which is why it is worn in the heat. Being a negative colour, it will also deplete your energy. Wear black when you want to appear serious, unapproachable or authoritive, dynamic and exciting. Avoid it when you want to appear friendly and approachable. My advice for wearing black would be to add colour with it. Which gives me another title of a blog “how to wear black”?


White is at the other end of the colour spectrum and was thought of purity and used to be reserved for debutantes and brides. White is a particularly popular colour to be worn in the summer weather as I have already explained, it reflects the sun.  Also, it is a great colour to have in your summer wardrobe as most colours to go well with it. Having said that, I think white looks great with colour ie pinks, teals, purple and turquoise. However, when worn with dark colours like black, navy, brown and grey can look very boring. It can make people look very hard and unapproachable.  By adding colour to white you will bring it alive and also light up you too. By adding colour, you will make a more interesting outfit.

Why would you choose to only wear black and whtie
Why would you choose to only wear black and white

Black and white together as an outfit

Many people choose to put together an outfit of just black and white which I think for all the reasons above is not my choice. However, some ladies you cannot move away from wearing black. My answer to this is to accessorise the outfit by adding colour that way







What is your favourite colour and why? Message me and I will cover other colours in future blogs. If you have enjoyed reading my blog please feel free to share on Facebook and or pass on.  Thank you.

I am a Colour & Style Coach based in Chelmsford Essex and I enjoy empowering women to look and feel fantastic and make changes in their lives. You can follow me on Facebook  where I regularly post with style updates.  I have several boards on Pinterest from style, colour combinations and many more. If you would like to have a chat and find out how I can help you please call me on 07786 632798 or email me or visit my website 


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