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Are you wearing the right sized bra?

Are you wearing the right sized bra?  It is so important that you are wearing the right sized bra and correct underwear as it acts a foundation for any clothes that you put on top.  A large percentage of ladies are wearing the wrong sized bra and not making the most of their fabulous curves.

How to decide if you are wearing the right sized bra!

If the band around the chest is too tight your flesh will spill over the top.

Are you wearing the right sized bra?
Are you wearing the right sized bra?


If the cups are too small what happens is that you get another bust that comes over the top of the cup giving you another bust.  If the cups are too big you can end up with the cups puckering and not giving a smooth look.  Get it right and you will have a nice canvas to put your clothes.

Are You wearing the right sized bra?
Are you wearing the right sized bra?

Get it right and it will enhance the look of your clothes!  I have known clients find their waist once they are wearing the right size bra. This is an investment buy, you can get measured by any department store, M & S or I have a lady that I can recommend you too.

Are you wearing the right sized bra?
Are your wearing the right sized bra?

It is also recommend to have several styled bras in your wardrobe to wear with different things.

  • Strapless
  • T/Shirt bra to wear under tight fitting tops
  • underwired plunge bra for open necked tops
  • enhancer bra for the smaller bust
  • Full cup bra for the fuller bust

It is important to feel nice in what you are wearing,  it is so important to get it right so I can’t stress enough how important is to go and get yourself measured and you will be surprised with the results. Underwired or not? the choice is yours.

What about your knickers?

The same thing also applies to knickers, and there are a lot of choice on market so there is no excuse to have a VPL (visual panty line).  To get a nice line when wearing a slim fitting dress always go for waist high pants as this will give you a nice smooth line. If you go for a pair with control you need to get the right fit otherwise you will get a muffin top.  A tip –  buy your knickers in a larger size than you normally take to get a better fit.

Knickers are a very personal preference but just make sure that you do look in the mirror before you leave home and check that they are not visual in any way through your clothes.

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