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Get That Body Confidence You Deserve

How wearing the right clothes for you bodyfemale-body-shape

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Get that body confidence we all deserve.  I think we all have bits about our bodies that we don’t like, in my teens I was very thin and lacked shape, no bust to speak of very thin legs and got a lot of teasing at school because of it.  It was not until my early 30’s that I started to accept my body as it is. We put our bodies through so much each day we need to be kind to them, accept them for what they are and dress them to make the most of the figure we have.

I am often talking about colours and the energy they have and why certain colours make you feel a certain way and I am a great believer in that, but also dressing for you shape is also very important.

Style is a way of saying who you are without hearing you speak

We all have bits of our body we would like to hide and bits we want to enhance.  Getting it right and knowing that you look great will make you feel good too. And then you can strut you stuff knowing that that makes you look even better. Loving the way you look will make dressing a pleasure not something you used to hate, it may even change the way you see yourself.

Once you have the confidence in the way you look it will make you feel confident on the inside, you will stand tall,  it will spill over into every area of  your life.  Get that promotion at work, find a new partner?  I have  known it to change peoples lives for the better.

We are aiming to fill your wardrobe with clothes that you love and know you look good in and then you will always feel beautiful.

If you need any help or advise about colour or style, please browse my website, I regularly hold workshops on Colour and Style and one to one consultations and am happy to have a chat to discuss you needs.  I am also happy to come to your ladies group or WI and give a presentation on Colour or Style.

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