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How to wear fashion in your 50’s & 60’s

Fashion tips for ladies in their 50’s & 60’s and beyond                                         Sandra Sparrowhawk

Lets think of Dame Helen Miriam or Jackie Collins they are both a lot older than their 50 & 60’s and are both a perfect example of ladies who are making the most of themselves. Yes you can still look youthful and appealing, No you don’t have to stop wearing makeup, avoid wearing certain styles or stop wearing bright bold colours. These years could be your most stylish ever!!

Your 50’s & 60’s is the perfect time to re-invent yourself, by this stage of your life, you know what you like and have an idea of what suits you. You can wear whatever you  like and embrace your own uniqueness and express your individuality. Accessorise your outfits with some of the fashion trends and spend your money on the key items in your wardrobe and mix with some of the high street trends on less expensive items to bring the outfit up to date.

Know your own body shape – Our body shape does change in our 50’s & 60’s with the menopause.  Some of us try to fit into clothes that are too small and therefore the garments make us look larger than we are, whilst others hide themselves in lazy loose fitting clothes which is also not a good look.   If you wear proper fitting clothes that enhance your figure it can actually take years off you!!

“Your clothes should be tight enough to show you are a women, but loose enough to show yo are  lady”   By Marilyn Monroe

The art of successful dressing is accentuating your assets and drawing the attention away from areas of your body you don’t like.   Depending on your body shape there are many styles’ that will  look great on you.  For example if you have a boyish figure, wear fitted jackets to give the illusion of curves. If you are small busted wear blouses with pockets on to add bulk.  If you have short legs and want to make them look longer wear the same colour tights and shoes as the hemline. These are simple tweaks that will make all the difference.  One rule to remember is if you are wearing a low neckline then please do not wear a short skirt too!!  One or the other !!!

You can look and feel fabulous whatever your age and in your 50’s & 60’s it easy to enjoy wearing stylish clothes.  You can still have fun with fashion and I have not even touched on  colour in this blog!! but choosing the right colours do play a big part in putting outfits together.

You don’t have to dress like a grandma just because you are one!!

You can dress with elegance and flare without looking like mutton dressed as lamb. Your 50s & 60’s usually are a time in your life for change, perhaps your children are becoming independent and it could be a new chapter in your life so embrace this time and go for it!!  For more ideas do take a look at my Pinterest

Please get in touch if you would like help with dressing in your 50’s & 60’s or any age at all.  Knowing your body shape and colours which will most flatter your skin tone will make all the difference to how your put outfits  together to build a wardrobe of clothes that you not only love, but love to wear. Please do get in touch

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