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What to wear in this very hot weather to stay cool

What to wear in this very hot weather to stay cool
What to wear in this very hot weather to stay cool

The last few days have been very hot and not only that, hotter than we normally experience here in the UK. I personally love the heat when you are sitting around a pool you can dip into at any time. But not so good when you are working. So how do we keep cool in the sweltering heat. Here are my hot tips on what to wear in this very hot weather to stay cool.

What to wear in this very hot weather to stay cool

My first tip would be to wear loose clothing. If you work in the Corporate area, I am sure in this hot, weather they can relax the dress code a bit. When the weather is hot I choose to wear a dress as I don’t like trousers or skirts that are tight around my waist. If you choose an empire line dress, which is one that hangs from the bust that will be cool to wear. This linen dress here is from Next and also comes in a white floral pattern at £45.00

If trousers are your thing, and you are not a dress person that is fine, as there are lots of great styles out there to choose from. We have the traditional Palazzo Pant with lovely wide legs that suit most shapes. There is also some wide leg that don’t reach the floor which are also popular. These I have seen in lovely prints as well as plain colours. If you don’t like the wide leg there are also straight leg or cigarette pants which have a smaller leg. Many of these also have a part elastic waist which are very comfortable to wear. If you are worried about the elastic waist showing you can wear them with a short top that covers that up. (I don’t mean a cropped top). Avoid wearing leggings or Jeggings as these will be too hot.

What to wear in this very hot weather to stay cool

Skirts are another thing that can be nice and cool and there are plenty to choose from on the High Street. The pleated skirt is still very much in fashion and most of them have the stay in pleats which do not crease. I have a lovely floral cotton skirt which I featured in a previous blog. This is button through with splits at the side and it is very cool to wear. Separates are also good as you can mix and match and get more wears out of them.

Be mindful of the fabrics you choose to wear

Go for natural fabrics whenever you can, like cotton and linen and stay away from the synthetics which can be hot to wear. This is not always easy as you do have to read the labels as there are so many blended fabrics around. If you choose items with a high cotton content, they are cooler to wear.

Choose to wear light colours as the dark colours particularly black absorbs the heat where as the pale colours reflect the heat.

What to wear in this very hot weather to stay cool

Now you know what to wear there are a few other things you can consider staying cool. Number one is to stay high hydrated and drink lots of water. I know everyone says that you should drink eight glasses a day or 2 litres and that does seem to be a lot but it really does work. Your body does need that to stay hydrated and in very hot weather it probably needs more.

If you are working, take regular breaks and try to schedule your day so you are not working at the hottest times of the day. You could start earlier when it is cooler or work later in the day with a break at lunch time.  Use a fan to circulate the air. I also closed the blinds to keep the sun out too.

What to wear in this very hot weather to stay cool

I hope this has helped, and to summarise

  • Loose clothing
  • No tight waist bands or close- fitting clothes
  • Avoid leggings
  • Avoid tight belts
  • Wear natural fabrics
  • Stay hydrated
  • Wear light coloured fabrics

If you need any help or advise please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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4 thoughts on “What to wear in this very hot weather to stay cool

  1. Great tips Sandra.. I love the Next dress.. might have to treat myself. I have some white linen pants that are invaluable although can get very creased.. they start off looking great!

    1. My mum calls linen expensive creases!! If you get a linen blend they don’t get quiet so creased but that is just the way it is. Linen trousers are a staple in your wardrobe. Next do a range of linen shift dresses in patterned coloured linen which don’t show the creases so much so that might be an option.
      Sandra xx

  2. On the off chance that you get a cloth mix, they don’t get peaceful so wrinkled yet that is only the manner in which it is. Material pants are a staple in your closet. Next, do a scope of cloth move dresses in designed shaded material that don’t show the wrinkles to such an extent that may be an alternative.

    1. Yes it is so key to get the right material and also choose a light colour so to reflect the light. Patterned materials also hide the creases as you said.

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