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This is how I am coping with lock down and being at home

This is how I am coping with lock down and being at home
This is how I am coping with lock down and being at home

How are you coping with the lock down? It is difficult times for all of us, and for many of you who have children at home, it is a juggling act between home schooling, your own work and running the home. I don’t have any children at home it is just my husband and me. He is in fact very busy running his business at home using Skype and Face time. My business is very much face to face on a one to one basis or talking at ladies’ clubs which have all been cancelled. This is how I am coping with lock down and being at home.

This is how I am coping with lock down and being at home

At first, I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I had a short concentration span and overwhelm and could not get me ahead around what was happening. It took a couple of weeks to get to grips with it and since then, I have been quite productive. As there is only the two of us, I have had a lot of time to myself. I was determined that I was not going to look back on this time and feel I had wasted it. I drew up a list of all the things that I do not usually have time to do and have been working my way through the list.

This is how I am coping with lock down and being at home

As women we usually put ourselves, at the bottom of the list of prioritises but are often told that we should look after ourselves so we have the energy left to help others. Something that I have wanted to do for a long time was to find time to meditate each day and since the lock down I have done that. I have managed to let go of some things, relax and unwind and have found I have more energy for other things. Another daily task is to take our one daily exercise with my hubby and my Border Terrier Rosie. We have found some nice walks where we can still socially distance and enjoy each other’s company. These two things I have been doing every day and would like to continually do after we come out of lock down.

Dressing for the day

I get up each morning and after breakfast shower and dress for the day. I choose not to stay in my PJ’s, or baggy sweatpants all day. Why? because that does not make me feel very good. Depending on what I am doing first, it usually jeans or if is warm a pair of shorts and a top.

I choose the colours that I wear by how I feel, this may seem strange to some of you, but it makes a difference to me and my mood. If I feel that I need some energy I will wear something bright usually red, orange or a sunny yellow as this will give me some energy. If I am going to be doing some work on the computer, I may wear blue the colour of logic and communication. When I am curled up in front of the TV, I might choose a soothing green or feminine pink. Choosing the right colour makes me feel more in tune with myself.

I still blow dry my hair and put on some makeup (Not a full face) but I don’t like to not wear lipstick. Now I feel like me and can start my day. It is normal to have a wobble day and if you do be kind to yourself.

This is how I am coping with lock down and being at home

I am still able to do some work, one of my networking groups has a Zoom meeting twice a month. My trainer does a meeting once a week on zoom, so I can speak to other ladies that do the same as me. I have put all my stock onto my website, which I am updating, posting on social media and hopefully doing some Facebook lives and several things in the background that I do not usually have time to do.

Clearing and de-cluttering my home

When do you usually get time to tidy your office, clear up your files on your computer? I have worked through the house taking a room or draw at a time. We have even cleared out our garage which has stuff that has not seen the light of day for years. It is all stacked up ready to go to either the dump or charity shop. It goes without saying that I have been through my wardrobe too.

Time for me

Yes, each day I do prioritise some time for me, to read a book, have a break for a coffee and sit in the sun, or just chill and do nothing. One thing that I love to do is to keep in touch with my friends by video call. In fact, some friends I have spoken to more in this lock down than I usually do which is nice. We sit down with a glass of wine and our friends do the same and it’s like we are all together. This is really important to me.

What have I learned during this time?

What I have learned is how much contact with people means to me and how lucky I am. Friends and family mean the world to me and I will never take that for granted. It has been lovely having some time for me, and I plan to continue with my daily meditating, and my exercise routine going forward. Having some extra time has been fantastic, I have been able to take stock, realise what is important. My friend Sheila has been saying to me for years to take time out and do nothing and inspiration will come and now finally I am able to do that.

What do is miss most?

Yes, I do miss not being able to look round the shops, go for a coffee, or out to dinner, and I miss my friends and family the most. The hugs we usually give each other, getting together for a drink or coffee, but for the time being that is the way it is going to be. One of the hardest things for me, was to put my mother into residential care just before the lock down. I have not been able to see her since to see her settle into a new way of life.  On the positive side, she is in the safest place and is being well looked after, and I can speak to her on her Portal. The powers of technology have helped as all though these difficult times.

This is how I am coping with lock down and being at home

I have been amazed how we have all learnt to adapt. My Pilates class in on Zoom and so I can now have two classes a week instead of one. Each class is 45 minutes but of course you don’t have to go to the class as it comes to you. Networking, and even my WI meeting this month is also on zoom, so we still get to do some of the things we thought we would not have been able to.

It will be interesting to know what the new normal looks like, and how we all feel afterwards, but there will be changes and hopefully for the better. Please do let me know how you are getting on with the lock down and perhaps we can share ideas. If you are interested in listening to my Facebook lives do pop over to my page and give me a like.

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