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Spring is here let’s bring out the spring & summer clothes

Spring is here let's bring out the spring & summer clothes
Spring is here let’s bring out the spring & summer clothes

This is my favourite time of the year, when the weather breaks and the sun shines. It’s time to get into the garden, cut back the shrubs and think about planting the bedding plants. It’s a time to look forward to the garden looking colourful, meals outside and enjoying the sunshine. Along with this it’s also time to sort out the wardrobe and put away all the winter clothes. Spring is here let’s bring out the spring and summer clothes.

Spring is here let’s bring out the spring & summer clothes

Now we all have a bit more time on our hands let’s use it to look at what you have in your winter wardrobe. Are there things that you have not worn this season?  If you have not been wearing something for whatever reason, it might be a good idea to let them go. What are the chances of you wearing it next year? I use this as a time to de-clutter as I don’t want to store clothes that I am never going to wear again.

Spring is here let’s bring out the spring & summer clothes


Sort into piles

  • Rubbish – clothes that are worn out and not worth re-cycling
  • Charity Shop
  • Sell or pass on
  • Keep

Now what you need to ask yourself

  • Do you love it?
  • Does it fit me?
  • Does it make me feel good?
  • Is it in a colour and style to suit me?

How do I let go of things I am attached too?

If you answer No to any of these questions, then it must go. If you have an emotional attachment to something and you really can’t let it go, then perhaps pack it away in a box. You can re- look in six months’ time and see how you feel then.  It is good to work on a one in one out basis and regularly cull your wardrobe every season.  Anything that you have not worn for a year you should question.  There are lots of ways to re-cycle your clothes. If you have any nearly new or designer clothes that you feel are too good for your charity shop, why not try selling them. Try eBay, Facebook and other sales sites and this will then give you some cash to reinvest in some new items. Sometimes it is a good idea to have a friend with you when you do this to give you an honest opinion.

Spring is here let’s bring out the spring & summer clothes

Now look what you put away at the end of last summer. I always like doing this, finding some of your old favourites and looking forward to having the weather to wear some of my lovely dresses. Whilst doing this I do look at what I have and see if I need to cull anything that is looking a little tired. T/Shirts do not always stand the test of time and need to be replaced each season. This is a great way to style last year’s clothes in a different way this year. Sometimes it only takes a few new key items to transform you wardrobe.

When you are putting your summer clothes away do take time to see what you can let go for. My incentive to do this is that I can replace old items with some new. You will now see what you do need to replace. and you can shop for those items. I will be doing this myself whilst we are in lock down.

Spring is here let’s bring out the spring & summer clothes

If you need any help or advise about auditing your wardrobe do get in touch, I would love to hear from you. I hope I have given you some inspiration to tackle your own wardrobes to make some space for a few new pieces once we are able to go shopping again. If this lock down has taught me anything it is that we do not all need the volume of clothes most of us have. Life could be so much simpler with less clothes to choose from and that comes from someone who loves shopping and buying clothes. It’s true what they say that women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. So, let go of what you no longer need.

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