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Things women hate about the way some men dress

I thought I would share with you, some of the things that I have heard women say, about how some men dress and their pet hates. Obviously, we can all dress exactly as we wish, and we all do, women included but here are some things women hate about the way some men dress.

Things women hate about the way some men dress

Pants showing above your waist band

Perhaps I am showing my age here, but I don’t understand why the young men wear their jeans hanging off their hips, with all their pants on show. Are they just showing us that they wear designer underwear? Most of them spend their time hitching the trousers up and to me this is just not a good look. Even the guy with a great figure in my mind does not look good like this. I have searched everywhere looking for a photo to show this but could not find one anywhere

Socks & Sandals

This I must say is a big one for me, women don’t wear socks and sandals so why would men. You would think that if a man is wearing sandals it would be in the summer on a hot day so why would you want to add socks to the mix.

Dirty Shoes

My mum always said never go for a man with dirty shoes or finger nails. How long does it take to rub some polish over your shoes?

Trousers needing a press

Suit trousers need pressing right!!  They have a crease down the front and when that goes because they have had too much wear they need to be pressed and probably go to the cleaners as well. It just shows lack of care.

Trousers that are too short

Trousers should sit nicely on the top of the shoes, and my father always said you need one break before they hit the shoe. Wearing them too short looks like they have had an argument with your shoes and you have grown out of them.

Things women hate about the way some men dress
Things some women hate about the way some men dress

Novelty Socks

This usually happens after Christmas when guys are bought these as christmas pressies. I think they are meant to be worn in your trainers and not with your work shoes.

Business shirt and no tie

In my mind if you are going to wear a business shirt you need to wear a tie with it. If not, wear a casual shirt that does not need to wear a tie otherwise it just looks all wrong.

Dirty unkept hair & beard

There is no excuse for dirty hair for a women or man. Men with beards need to keep them neatly trimmed to look good.

Business jacket & tie with shorts

In this country men in suits don’t have the need to wear shorts very often, I guess you can count the days on one hand. One of my best friends was telling me that one of their friends turned up at their house after work. He was wearing his business shirt and tie with his suit jacket. He had taken off his suit trousers and replaced them with shorts, but kept his black socks and brogues on. I was laughing so much just imagining it.

Things women hate about the way some men dress

Let me know your thoughts on, what you hate about the way some men dress

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