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New Spring Trends for 2017

The weather is getting warmer and the spring flowers are starting to bloom, the days are getting longer and the new spring collections are coming into the stores. So what is new for Spring  Fashion?  Someone asked “Do I need to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes to be up to date with fashion trends?”  The answer to that is NO !!  You can inject a new look to your exisiting wardrobe by adding a few key peices.  It could just be a new scarf, hand bag or even a new lipstick to give a new take on an old outfit.  I am going to share with you a few of the new spring trends for 2017

Gingham Skirt from Top Shop
Gingham Skirt from Top Shop


This is everywhere, mainly black/white or Navy/White but I have seen some in red/white too, beautiful blouses, trousers in many styles, shorts, dresses and skirts.  As I am not normally into black and white I would wear gingham with some colour  like this ginham skirt from Top Shop, they have styled it with this lovely salmon jumper with the bell sleeve which is also very on trend. Most colours would work well.  Anything from bright red, (of course) Pink, Green, Purple well in fact any one of your colours from your colour pallet.

If you prefer to wear it with a black or white top do add some coloured shoes, jewellery or a scarf to add some colour to make the outfit interesting.  Remember where you put the colour is where the eye will be drawn.

Ruffled Shirt New York Fashion Week
Ruffled Shirt
New York Fashion Week

Romantic Ruffles

If you have been shopping recently you will see that all the blouses out there have ruffles, some are around the neck, on the sleeves or around  the hem.  Just beware if you are a large busted lady to stay clear with any ruffels around the bust area and choose a blouse with details on the sleeves.

Pink is a very strong colour this season.  If you have a cool skin tone there are plenty of cool baby pink colours to choose from, but if you have a warm skin tone stick to the salmon pink with the warm yellow undertone to complement your complection. Pink goes with so many colours depending on the tone try and be a little inventive and try pink with green.  I aways say that nature never gets it wrong.

Navy/White Striped Bag
Navy/White Striped Bag


I am a fan of the wide leg trouser in summer and I have a pair that are a navy and white stripe they make your legs look like they go on forever.  Team them up with your favourite t/shirt or blouse. There are plenty of shirts, skirts and trousers available in all designs if you want to embrace the trend.  If you are not happy wearing stripes how about a hand bag.

This is a great everyday bag which will hold any small amounts of shopping you buy, but would also make a great hand luggage bag which will also take you to the beach.


I am a Colour & Style Coach based in Chelmsford Essex.  You can follow me on Facebook  where I regulary post with style updates. I also love Pinterest and have many fashion boards on there with ideas you might find of interest.   If you would like to have a chat and find out how I can help you please call me on 07786 632798 or email me or visit my website I would love to hear from you.

Sandra from colourworx –  find out what colours work best for you.






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