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My tips on how to wear all of your wardrobe

Most women wear 20% of her wardrobe 80% of the time.

How many times have you heard someone say I have loads of clothes but nothing to wear! Its true for most people, we buy new clothes but forget to throw something out at the same time. I always have a declutter at the beginning and end of each season. Here are my tips on how to wear all of you wardrobe.

My tips on how to wear all your wardrobe

My tips on how to wear all of your wardrobe
My tips on how to wear all of your wardrobe

What we would all like I think is a clutter free wardrobe. Your aim should be to get a wardrobe of clothes that you love, and which make you look and feel fantastic. Everything else you don’t need, as they just clog up the space and make choosing an outfit each day more difficult.  I understand that some things have an emotional contact with and may be difficult to let go.  Perhaps those items you could put away in a suitcase somewhere and if in 6 months times you have not revisited it you them, you may be able to let that go.

Shop your own wardrobe

This is always a good thing to do and something I always do when I have bought something new. I check when I get home that I have plenty of other things that I can wear with this new item. Does it mean that you must go and buy another pair of trousers to go with the new top? If so it that new top a good one to buy?

Stand in front of your wardrobe and pretend that you are in a shop looking for a new outfit. Would you buy again what you already own? This is a good way to really understand why perhaps you are not wearing certain items and helps you to decide which items you no longer wanted or needed. If you put on something and then change your mind there is usually a reason why you feel uncomfortable. The style might be wrong for you, or the colour does not work with your skin tone. If this happens a lot, then it is probably something you no longer need to keep.

My tips on how to wear all your wardrobe

Now start putting some outfits together, this is a good idea if you are busy in the mornings and are a wash and go sort of person. Start with your favourite pair of trousers and add a top, jacket or cardigan with the necessary accessories on a hanger.  In the morning you don’t need to think, just dress and go. Have a look at what else you have in your wardrobe that would also work well with the same trousers. See also if you have another bottom – trousers/skirt that goes with the top. As you can see here what I am trying to do is get your wardrobe working for you.

Building a wardrobe, you love and love wearing

If you continue with this, what you are left with, are the items that you have nothing to wear with them. Now you need to decide if you love that item enough to buy something to wear with it, or do you need to let it go. Obliviously, there will be other things to let go that no longer fit you anymore, have worn out, or generally not worn anymore. We are aiming to get a wardrobe of clothes that you love and love wearing. They will also be in your best colours and a style to suit you and your lifestyle.

My tips on how to wear all your wardrobe

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