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My tips for tall ladies – Where to shop and what to choose

Being tall myself, I know the problems of shopping to find trousers that are long enough, blouses and tops that looked cropped and long sleeves halfway up your arm. For me forget buying a swimming costume or jump suit as they are never long enough in the body. So, what is the answer? Here are my tips for tall ladies. – Where to shop and what to choose.

My tips for tall ladies - Where to shop and what to choose
My tips for tall ladies – Where to shop and what to choose

Tall Ladies clothing stores

Online Stores

The Tall Collective –

6 Foot Fashion –

Loft clothing –

Zalando UK –

Boohoo –

Lands End –

Long Tall Sally –



High Street Stores with a tall range

(Most of these tall ranges are only available online)



Dorothy Perkins – Tall Collection

Gap – The tall shop

Marks & Spencer- Trousers in 3 lengths

Next – Tall range

New look- Tall range

Top Shop-Tall range

My tips for tall ladies – Where to shop and what to choose

If you are just tall and long in the body like me you will be able to shop from the tall range in most stores. If you are taller, you may like to try some of the other stores I have suggested. I have not personally ordered from them, but just found them online to offer some alternatives.

What I believe is to be the best version of being you, we are all different and come in all shapes and sizes. If you are tall, stand tall, don’t hunch your shoulders and only wear flat shoes if you really want to wear heals. Embrace your height and stand tall. Try looking at some of the retailers listed above but if not follow some of my tips below.

My tips for tall ladies – Where to shop and what to choose


These I used to find the hardest to buy but over the years they have been easier to find as more retailers are now selling trousers in different lengths. So, what can you do if not? Firstly, check the hem and see if there is any spare fabric that you can let the trousers down.  If they are a slim leg trouser you could shorten them to become 7/8th trousers that finish on the ankle. To alter trousers, I use Wonder web that you just iron on, or you can go to your local tailor. For jeans, you can add another cuff in a different material to extend then length and make a statement. A  high waist jean will make you legs go on for ever. Just remember not to finish a hem on the largest part of your leg. Avoid long rise jeans.

Body length

Tall people are also tall in the body length as well as leg length I know I am.  This also causes problems with blouses and tops coming up too short. I find that if you shop around some retailers are now doing t/shirts in different lengths. With a long body in mind it is often a good idea to wear a belt to break up your torso. Also, try layering up clothes, choose a long line camisole underneath a light weight jumper and if it is a little short the camisole will hang longer underneath.


Midi skirts are very where at the moment, wear them higher on the waist to balance out the proportions. I am a lover of the knee length skirt which is always about the knee on me. Also an A line skirt as this does give some shape to the straight up and down figure.I love to wear these in the winter with opaque tights and pumps or boots. Just be mindful not to end the length of the skirt on the largest part of the leg.


Another common problem for tall ladies, is the sleeves. If you are good with the sewing machine, could try to add a cuff in a coordinating material.  Jackets I would just either roll up the sleeves. This will give the jacket a more casual look, and people will assume it was meant to be worn that way.

Shoes /Boots

This I think is personal preference tall or flat?  There is also the 3 inch rule for tall girls or anyone with large feet. Try adding a heal, this heightens the foots proportion and making them look smaller. Some of you of course will rock it with high heels, whilst others will prefer pumps or your causal converse.


When choosing a patterned or floral fabric the general rule of thumb is the larger the lady, the larger the pattern. Whereas the smaller petite lady should choose a small design. A denser pattern is slimming, and a sparse pattern will create more curves, so pick one to suit you.

Stand Tall and Embrace your height.

Be proud of who you are, be confident, stand tall and be the best version of yourself. If you need any help with colour or style or dressing for your shape please do get in touch.

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