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Is clothes shopping your worst nightmare?

Is clothes shopping your worst nightmare?
Is clothes shopping your worst nightmare?

I absolutely love shopping, the whole day out with a girlfriend, a spot of retail therapy and a nice lunch. This, I would consider a good day out, but for some ladies this is a nightmare. Some ladies just don’t know where to start when shopping for clothes. For some there is just so much choice of styles and colours they find it all too overwhelming. They don’t know what colours to choose for their skin tone and which styles will flatter their figure. Is clothes shopping your worst nightmare? then read on.

Is clothes shopping your worst nightmare?

Colour Analysis

My first piece of advice would be to get your colours done. I think that colour is the most important thing to get right. If you get the colours right, you are half way there. Wearing the right colours can make you look and feel fabulous, they bring out the colour of your eyes, reduce the need for makeup and give a lively look to the face. Wear the wrong colours you will look tired and drawn, it will accentuate your lines and imperfections and for some ladies they really go an awful colour.

Is clothes shopping your worst nightmare?

After a colour analysis session, you will know which colours will suit your skin tone and which ones to avoid. This makes shopping so much easier and a more pleasurable experience. You will be able to enter a store and immediately know which colours to head towards and which ones to stay away from. It will also cut down your shopping time.

One of the main advantages is that you will need to have less clothes and be able to make more outfits. Buying clothes in the correct undertone means that everything will co-ordinate making more outfits. You have heard people talk about a capsule wardrobe well, this is much the same.

Style Consultation

My second piece of advice would be to have a style consultation. Some ladies naturally know which style will suit their body shape but for others this is not the case. After a style consultation you will know what shape to look for, which materials will work well for you and how to put some outfits together.

Many years ago, I had a colour and style consultation. It was bought for me by husband as a present and I think it was the best present I have ever had. It taught me about my style personality, body shape and how to enhance the good bits. I have a boyish figure will small boobs and little or no curves. For me I choose a fitted jacket that gives the illusion of curves and avoid big baggy boxy styles. This  makes shopping so much easier as you can avoid what you know does not suit you.

Is clothes shopping your worst nightmare?

One of the best things you can do for yourself, is to find your own sense of style. Try adding some accessories to your outfits as you can really make a difference to the overall look. Fashion jewellery is a good way to do this or try adding a scarf. Shoes and hand bags can make a statement. (These days they do not have to match). You get some good ideas from fashion magazines. Have a look on my Pinterest and check out my boards or go back and read some of my previous blogs.

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