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If you don’t want to buy high street fashion – this blog is for you

If you don't want to buy high street fashion - this blog is for you
If you don’t want to buy high street fashion – this blog is for you

Not everyone wants to follow fashion. Why? because, often it is cheap material, not put together very well and not made to last. We live in a throwaway society and are filling our landfills too quickly. Some people don’t like that it is made abroad in factories with people working for very little money. Others prefer to buy better made garments, in good fabrics that will last. If you don’t want to buy high street fashion – this blog is for you.

If you don’t want to buy high street fashion – this blog is for you

Let’s suppose that you are a classic dresser, you like to wear a classic design, in a good fabric that will last, as you hate shopping. You know what style suits you; you know which colours to wear, and you want to to buy clothes that will stay in your wardrobe for more than one season. The High Street is set up for fast fashion and produces products that are not meant to last as the fashion changes so quickly. If you get a season out of one item you are doing well. BUT what if that is not what you want. Where do you shop?

If you don’t want to buy high street fashion – this blog is for you

Many people are turning to preowned  fashion. By this I mean clothes that have been pre owned. They may not be just second hand they could have been owned by many people. They are handed on when someone has worn it and loved it for a while and then they have decided to pass it on.

Where can you buy these items?

  • Charity shops
  • eBay and other preowned sites online
  • Swapping events
  • Upmarket jumble sales
  • Dress agencies

If you have some quality items that you no longer want to wear you can sell them on and use that money to buy yourself something else. Many clients of mine do that and reinvest their money that way. There are shops locally that will sell your items and take a percentage of the sale for you. Or, you can do it yourself on the many sites available online.

Why would you buy pre-loved clothing?

  • Good quality products, well made, good fabrics and made to last.
  • To get something different
  • To buy something that is not mass produced
  • Buying inexpensively
  • Buying a designer label that you could not normally afford.
  • To use your sense of style and be different.
  • You can also buy at Oxfam’s online shop

If you don’t want to buy something that is pre-loved where do you go?

This is a good question and peoples buying habits are changing, and less and less people now go to the shops to buy new clothes. I am not someone who likes to shop online but sometimes you do have to do that. I have a wedding to go to in December in South Africa. It is going to be very hot, so I needed to buy a dress now. After looking in the shops and not finding anything I liked I ended up ordering eight dresses online, as that was where the choice and I returned the ones I didn’t like. I don’t like doing this, as I like to feel the fabrics, see the true colour. On this occasion there was not the choice available in the shops. I guess they don’t have the storage space to hold lots of stock.

If you don’t want to buy high street fashion – this blog is for you

If you want to buy classic well- made clothes, they will cost you more money, but they will be worth the investment. I always calculate an item with cost per wear. So, If I am looking to purchase a coat for arguments sack, this is an investment piece, as I am probably going to have that in my wardrobe for many years. This allows me to justify spending more as the cost per wear is going to be considered.

Now you can do this with other items in your wardrobe, for example a pair of black trousers that you could have for years. Now that would be an investment piece. Invest in a good quality pair that really look expensive that you look and feel fabulous in. You could add a fashionable top to bring your outfit up to date.

If you don’t want to buy high street fashion – this blog is for you

So, where do you go to purchase these times? I would suggest a good department store like John Lewis or Selfridges. They have most of the concessions as well as their own brands to choose from. Unless of course you are looking to purchase designer clothes. (I have been reliably informed that Selfridges has the best choice of denim jeans there is). If designer clothes are what you are looking for, and you don’t mind looking at last seasons’ stock try one of the Outlet Villages.

My challenge to you this week.

Go have a play at the shops. We are creatures of habit. and we probably shop at the same shops all of the time. How about going into shops that you normally don’t go in and you may be pleasantly surprised. There are still some sales on, so by going into high end shops you may pick up a bargain and get something that you might normally not be a able to afford. Let me know how you get one and I can share with other readers.

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