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How to wear colour to change how you feel.

How to wear colour to change how you feel.
How to wear colour to change how you feel.

Yes, it really is true, you can change how you feel, by wearing different colours. Why would you want to wear black and white which is often said to be a fashion trend? There are so many lovely colours out there to choose from. I have recently completed a colour therapy course which is used as a therapy alongside conventional medicine.  Here are my tips on How to wear colour to change how you feel.

How to wear colour to change how you feel.

Before I even thought about training as a Colour & Style Coach I knew about the energies that colours have. If I wore all grey, I felt all grey if that makes sense. I worked in the City at the time and had to wear suits and wearing colour in those days was not really an option. Oh,  how things have changed and the more I learn about colour the more I realise how important it is.

How can Colour affect us.

Whatever you feel about colour, it is more than just psychological. You have probably heard that some people suffer from seasonal effective disorder (Sad Syndrome).  This is caused by the lack of light in the winter months. It is essential to get outdoors at this time of year, go for a walk to take in as much of the light rays as you can. Our bodies are reliant on getting enough natural sunlight which is soaked up by our chakras or energy centres of the body. These act as our batteries.

Learning about each colours quality and putting it to use, can enhance your spirit and improve your health.

So, what does it all mean?

Why do we feel more relaxed in green rooms? Hospitals are often painted green because it relaxes patients. We have all heard of the “GREEN ROOM” where people who are waiting to go on TV can relax. Why do weightlifters do their best in Blue Gyms?

Colour does matter and can affect how we feel.

Whilst I can’t go through every colour in this blog I will talk about a few and the benefits these colours have.

How to wear colour to change how you feel.

RED is the colour with the slowest rate of vibration and the longest wavelength. It is known to raise blood pressure. If you are tired wear a a red jumper and let your body soak up the energy. As red is an intense colour it can stimulate a faster heartbeat and breathing. In the home use red as an accent colour as too much red will cause conflict.

BLUE is cool and calming, inspiring mental clarity and inner peace. It gives us a sense of security and has been shown to lower blood pressure by calming the autonomic nervous system. Peaceful, tranquil blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals. If you have a warm skin tone be sure to choose a warm blue to wear.

GREEN when you think of green you think of the outdoors. We lean towards green when in need of balance and harmony. Green is good for the heart as it aids relaxation. Green is a soothing and a calming colour to wear.

YELLOW is energising and uplifting, and you will certainly get noticed.  If you are a nervous person it may be a colour to avoid as it can cause the jitters. Yellow enhances concentration, and speeds metabolism.  Apparently, people can lose their tempers in yellow rooms and babies cry more. Yellow does not suit everyone, so if you are a cool toned lady it is best avoided.

How to wear colour to change how you feel.

Colours in Food – We all want to eat healthy, so choose foods that are vibrant in colour. All fruits and vegetables make up a colourful plate and feed your body with colour.

My name is Sandra and I am colour and style coach based in Chelmsford Essex. Colour is my passion and I love to help ladies find out which colours best suit them. This can be very liberating, giving ladies confidence to be the very best version of themselves and make great changes in their lives.

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