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How do you Dress for Success?

The secret to dressing for success?

Dress for success
Dress for success

So how do you dress for success?  We all know someone who always looks good no matter when you bump into them,  in fact they would look good in a bin liner!!  So what is their secret and how do they do it? I am a Colour and Style coach based in Chelmsford Essex and would like to share with you some thoughts on dressing for success.

It’s all about being comfortable in what you are wearing, so many ladies feel that when working they need to wear a suit.  Is that essential?  To be taken seriously you do not need to wear a suit but you do need to wear something that looks good and has that polished look (no ladders in your tights or chipped nail varnish).  You also need to feel comfortable in what you are wearing, as this will give you confidence.

Should you wear one of your favourite outfits?

Yes, I always choose something that I know will give me confidence, my favourite colours are red and orange which are both energetic colours giving me the energy I need, whilst also giving me confidence. People will remember you for what you were wearing, make sure it is in a colour that is flattering to you and a style that brings out your best features. Think of an outfit that when you last wore it, you got lots of compliments, that is normally a good place to start from.

I have a city background and in the 1980’s/90’s all the ladies wore suits to work, now days things are a lot more relaxed and a skirt and blouse/top with a jacket or cardigan, nice dress or trousers and top are fine.  You know yourself we have all taken something out of the wardrobe first thing in the morning, only to take it straight off again as it does not feel right, often you are not sure why, but you just have to take it off.  Wearing a suit might make you feel like this and if it does don’t wear it!!  If you are feeling uncomfortable it will show.

You have 30 seconds to make that first impression, so make it a good one. People will make an assumption of you by what you are wearing before you open you mouth to speak. Use this as an opportunity to express our personality when you put your outfit together. Choose colours that make you feel good and a style you know that  compliments your body shape. So if you are wearing a plain classic dress then add a nice piece of jewellery, or a scarf and team it up with a coloured cardigan/jacket and team with a nice pair of shoes/boots.  (Shoes and handbags don’t need to match these days)

I have a nice story a lady told me, she had a colour analysis done some years ago and she said it was the best thing she had done as it changed her life.  She had been in her company for many years and always got overlooked for promotion and she didn’t know why.  After she started wearing colour everything changed and she started to get promoted and now she has a senior role in the company and nothing had changed about her and the job she was doing all except that by wearing colour she got noticed.

How do you dress for success?

Have a look at what I have suggested above and if you need any help or advise you can call me on 07786 632798 for a chat, or you can email me on  Also I have lots of information on my website you might find useful and workshops that you can attend.

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Dress for success
Dress for success
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