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Which colour clothes should I wear?

Which Colours clothes should I wear to flatter my skin-tone?

Which colours should I wear to flatter my skin-tone.  That is the question asked by so many people who are unsure what to wear and what would most suit them.  My company is Colourworx and I am Colour & Style Coach based in Chelmsford Essex and enjoy empowering ladies to look and feel there very best.  I offer a Colour Consultation where I analysis your completion and advise the best colours for you skin-tone giving you the best colours for you to wear.

Which colours should I wear?
Which colours should I wear?

So why would you have a Colour Consultation?

Wearing the right colours says a lot about you, it gives you confidence, boosts you self- esteem and empowers you to be the person you want to be. Colour attracts the eye and its the first thing people notice about us and what we are remembered for. Get it wrong and you can look tired and stressed, look heavier or even 10 years older.  When you wear the right colours it will give you a healthier glow without the need for make-up, more definition to face shapes and slim body lines, and a lively look to the entire face, brightening your eyes and fiving the skin a glowing appearance. At a consultation I will analysis your skin to find out if you have a cool or warm completion and then we decide what level of colour you like to wear.

Which colours are yours?
Which colours are yours?

After the consultation you will go away with a swatch of 30 colours to keep in your handbag and take shopping with you.  You are now armed with the colours best suited to you and need only to look for those colours when shopping.  It makes that shopping trip so much easier as you now know which colours to avoid and which ones to look for.  During the coaching session we will talk about putting outfits together and taming different colours to make a mix and match wardrobe.  Your ideal wardrobe will be full of clothes that you love and feel good wearing.

You will need fewer clothes to make more outfits !!

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Colour & Style Coach
Colour & Style Coach

Sandra Sparrowhawk

Colourworx – Colour & Style Coach – Chelmsford Essex



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