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How often do you buy something that you only wear once?

How often do you buy something that you only wear once? Or in fact, have never worn.  I have come across clients who have bought items and put them in their wardrobe and that is where they have stayed. Sometimes they still have the tags on. What a waste. So how do you avoid this happening in the future?

How often do you buy something that you only wear once?

Personally, when I buy something new I take it home and try it on with what I am planning to wear it with. I look through what I already have to see if I have several other items that I can also wear with it. If I am unsure about it, I leave it hanging on my mirror in my bedroom and if every time I go to wear it I change my mind and wear something else it goes back to the shop.

Sometimes you maybe unsure what is wrong, but you know that it is not right for whatever reason. If this is the case return it straight away. What you don’t want to do is fill your wardrobe with clothes that are not right for you. Your wardrobe should only contain clothes that you love wearing. If you know that the outfit looks good on you, the confidence will shine through.

How often do you buy something that you only wear once?

Mistakes are often made at sale time. How often have you bought something because of the discount? You may not have been happy to pay the full price but because it is half price it is a bargain. If you don’t need it, or it does not look fantastic on, you don’t buy it. As it ceases to be a bargain.

Sometimes the items are in the sale because they did not sell at full price. It may be the colour, the style, or the way the item is cut. I have seen a rack of the same item in every size. This usually means there is a reason why they have not sold. If in doubt do what I said, take it home and try it with what you already have. If you don’t feel good in it take it back. Remember that sale items usually have to be returned within two weeks. It is always worth asking at the point of sale.  If the item is heavily reduced (70% you are unable to return) so you would need to try it on first.

How often do you buy something that you only wear once?
How often do you buy something that you only wear once?

What is wrong with this jumpsuit on me?

A jumpsuit is something I have always wanted but because I am tall, long in the body and legs, usually I can’t get one to fit. This one I found in Wallis and it was in my favourite colour. I couldn’t believe my luck when I tried it on it was long enough in the body and in the leg, so I immediately bought it without thinking any more about it.

When I got home I took a photograph of me wearing it and although I loved it, I knew it was not right.  I posted it out on Facebook to see what reaction I would get, and I was overwhelmed by the response, I wanted to get people interacting with me and I certainly did that.

How often do you buy something that you only wear once?

Yes, the colour was good for me. The top part was too big and kept falling off my shoulders with the weight of the sleeves. Around the waist was darted and therefore adding volume in my tummy area. I was not keen on the belt, but I could have changed that. The pattern on the material was a large print and very overwhelming for me. I think the jumpsuit was wearing me. If I had bought this, it would certainly have hung in the wardrobe without being worn. This is firstly a waste of money and secondly you don’t want to clog up your wardrobe with clothes you are not wearing.

My trainer is always saying to me go play at the shops!! Try things on and take photos. When you get home, you can have a good look and understand why somethings work and other don’t.

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