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Do you know how to shop for your body shape?

Do you know how to shop for your body shape?
Do you know how to shop for your body shape?

As you mature it is important to find your own sense of style, and learn how to shop for your body shape. This may mean that you must change the shops you have always shopped in. If you look back over some old photos you can see how your style has changed over the years. After the menopause you will notice that your body has changed shape. Perhaps you are carrying your weight in different areas of your body. I still weigh the same I have always weighed but I now have a tummy that I never had before.

Do you know how to shop for your body shape?

Just because something is in fashion does not mean that it will suit you. It is important to dress age appropriate and you can do that without being “frumpy”. The phrase “Mutton dressed a lamb” comes to mind. If you have good legs show them off, or if you have a good bust wear a nice neckline but do so with style. It’s important not to flash too much flesh, so do one of the other.

I have a column figure, in other words straight up and down, so it is important for me to add curves with fitted jackets, “A” line, or fit and flare type skirts to give the illusion of curves. It is also important to think carefully about the fabrics you choose. Thick bulky fabrics, or a heavy knit will add bulk to your frame. A large floral design on a petite frame can be very overpowering, so go for a small print. This also works the other way around. So, if you have a full figure a large design would work well for you.

Do you know how to shop for your body shape?

One mistake that lots of people make is that they wear boxy tops with no shape. These usually finish straight across at their biggest part, across the tummy area. This adds pounds instantly. Look for tops with a rounded bottom or side splits to give some fluidity into the fabric and this will work with your curves.

If you carry your weight around your middle, balance out by wearing a boot cut or wide cut trouser, in preference to a skinny jean. These are all simple things that you can be mindful of when choosing what to buy. It’s all about drawing attention to the bits you like about your figure and playing down what you don’t.

Find your own style

When you have a style consultation with me, we look at your style personality, and find out the fabrics you like to wear. Whether you are classic dresser or someone who follows fashion. I help you find your own style. Sometimes it is not what you are wearing, but how you have put your outfits together that counts. It’s not just about the clothes, but the shoes, handbag, jewellery or scarves that you wear with it than can make or break an outfit.

Start looking in different shops to what you would normally shop in. We have so much choice now, you don’t even have to leave home to do so. You will be surprised, some shops that you would never normally go in, if you look around have some hidden gems. Try on different styles and take a photo of yourself in the changing room. You don’t need to buy them but experiment and have some fun. I often say “I am to play at the shops”

My Challenge to you

Do just that “Go play at  the shops”. Think of someone in the public eye who has a similar body shape to you, who wears outfits you admire. Now go and try on some similar outfits and take photos of yourself. Let me know how you get on. It might be a good idea to do this with a friend and have a girly day and help each other.

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