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Can wearing colour make a difference to how you feel?

Can wearing colour make a difference to how you feel?
Can wearing colour make a difference to how you feel?

I am trained as a Colour & Style Coach and cover Colour Analysis, Style Analysis, Wardrobe Audit and Personal Shopping. For me the one that lights me up every time is the Colour Analysis. Why? because it is the most dramatic. I love seeing how my clients really can see the difference when wearing the right colours for them. It is a colour journey that you go on finding and understanding which colours bring out the best in you. Can wearing colour make a difference to how you feel? Yes, I believe it can.

Can wearing colour make a difference to how you feel?

After I had trained in the above I wanted to delve deeper on the colour side. I knew that if I wore all grey I felt all grey but didn’t understand why. I decided to do a course in Colour Therapy which confirmed all I understood about colour and more. This goes for not only what we wear, but what colour we decorate our homes. Have you ever thought about the colours inside our hospitals, usually a pale green or pale blue, why, because these are very relaxing colours for patients who might be anxious? We have all heard of the GREEN Room where people go to relax before going on air on TV these colours have all been chosen for a reason.

Can wearing colour make a difference to how you feel?

Colours like RED have a high vibration which means that wearing red will give you energy. If you don’t want to wear red on the outside you can wear it in your underwear, and it will give you energy. If you have high blood pressure perhaps a bright red would be too much for you. Try a nice BLUE as it has as lower vibration. Each colour has its own properties and each colour has its own strength of colour from the very pale to very vibrant and bright.

I am convinced that colour really can make you feel better about yourself particularity if you know which colours are best for you. Some colours will drag you down, drain all the colour from your face and make you look stressed and tired. Wear the right colours and feel confident. Your eyes will sparkle, your skin tone will even out, and your overall look will be fresh and alive. This will give you the confidence to go out into the world knowing that you look and feel fabulous.

Does colour have any healing properties?

I have not delved far enough into that but what I would say, it will make you feel better in yourself. If you are suffering with an illness and dress in bland colourless colours they are not going to make you feel any better. Black for arguments sake is a very negative colour and can be very draining of energy. This is not something you want when trying to recover from an illness. If you are not used to wearing much colour start by wearing the more muted or paler colours and work from there.

Can wearing certain colours make a difference?

Can wearing colour make a difference to how you feel?
Can wearing colour make a difference to how you feel?

I am known for wearing a Bright Red or Orange, why? because I know that it suits me, and that gives me confidence, particularly when working or networking. However, I want to show others that I can also look equally as nice in other colours. The trainer on the Colour Therapy course asked which colours I wore and which I didn’t.  Green was a colour I was not drawn too and didn’t have in my wardrobe. At the time, I was going through some upsetting family problems. She said I needed was to wear green or pink as they were both heart Chakra colours.

I bought a couple of green jumpers to try and I was surprised how nice I felt in them. So, my body was telling me to wear green. When I found the right shade of green for me. I was blown away how nice I looked, but more importantly how nice I felt.

Now I understand colour I am mindful of the colours I choose to wear each day. If you would like to know more about my services particularly my colour sessions pop over to my website now.

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