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Are you a Savvy Shopper?


Shopping for clothes these days gets more complicated for some people, should you buy online? or should you  trudge around the shops? ,  I guess we all have different ideas about that, some people love the convenience of buying on line so you can try it on in the comfort of your own home with items you already have in your wardrobe whilst  others, like me prefer to shop and get that retail buzz of buying something new to wear.

So how do you bag yourself a bargain?

Designer Items

If you like to have designer items there are several sites such as or or where you can invest in second-hand designer pieces such as handbags and coats.   Locally I would recommend Fairy Tale Wardrobe in Chelmsford where you can visit the shop and they will also sell your items for you as well.  The other one is  Friends Dress Agency in Bishops Stortford which will do the same.  They both have a Facebook page where you can view before you go.

It is really a good idea to use these outlets to sell items in your wardrobe that you do not wear anymore for whatever reason.  If you have not worn if or a year or so that is good enough reason to let it go,  if it no longer fits you don’t hang on to it hoping you will slim down to get back into it just let it go.  Charity shops are always willing to take it from you or you can try other sites like eBay or local Facebook groups

Charity Shops

I have bought from Charity shops but I think it depends where they are as to what bargains you are likely to find but they are certainly worth a look.

Shopping on the High Street

If you are a High Street shopper like me, there are always bargains to be had and there is nothing better than arriving home with a bargain.  The first thing I do is go straight to the bargain or sale rail, being a size 12 there are not always things in my size but one of my friends is always lucky as she can get into a size 8 or 10 but it is worth a look.

I always sign up to the various newsletters and then you will get notice of any discount days or promotions in advance and coming up to Christmas there will be many of them and particularly buying presents it helps if there are 20% off days you can make use of.

I am a fan of the High Street but I also like to shop in the Supermarket for clothes particularly if you are looking for the basic wardrobe staples. What I would say is that I don’t necessary like there whole range, so it is a case of having a good look through when you visit the store for other shopping.   Tu in Sainsbury’s have a good range particularly the GOK sections but I have found you will need to go up a size in his items, Florence and Fred in Tesco also good for the basics but now the one in Chelmsford has gone I have not looked there recently.

T.K.Maxx if you like the designer tag,  but I have to be in the mood to shop there as it is always a mess and you need to rummage to find what you are looking for but there are some bargains to had and also there home range is very good.  I usually visit there when looking for a handbag as they do a fantastic range and at all price levels.

Should I wait till the sales?

Don’t wait till the sales for that must have item as you may be disappointed when it either does not go in the sale or they don’t have your size.

I kind of think that you get what you pay for and sometimes it is just worth investing in some key pieces and then build  your cheaper fashion items around those pieces.

So in answer to the question Are you a savvy shopper?

  • Re-Cycle what you can and re-invest the money in items you know you will love and wear
  • Sign up to the newsletters of your favourite stores to hear about their promotions
  • Visit your local charity shop to re-cycle and check for any bargains
  • Visit the online designer re-sale sites mentioned above
  • Check out the online limited time-only sales   (
Most of all enjoy it, but if you need any help please do get in touch, as knowing which colours and styles is an investment that will pay dividends as you will not make those mistakes and have items in your wardrobe that you never wear.

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