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You don’t need to be a stylist to know how to dress well

You don't need to be a stylist to know how to dress well
You don’t need to be a stylist to know how to dress well

I am often asked “how do you always look so good in whatever you are wearing?” My answer is that I know which colours work best for me and I know what styles to wear to flatter my body shape. Even before I trained as a Colour & Style Coach, I made a point of learning what would work for me. You don’t need to be a stylist to know how to dress well, you just need to learn what is. This is where I come in.  I can show you the colours that will flatter your skin tone, and the styles that will suit your body shape.  Then, you too will never get it wrong.



You don’t need to be a stylist to know how to dress well


For me, Colour is the most important factor to looking and feeling fantastic. Get the colour right and the style wrong, although it’s not good, it is not as bad as getting the colour wrong. Why? because, Colour is everything, get it right and you will look fabulous. Your face will come alive, your eyes will shine, you will have a clearer complexion and the overall effect will be great. Get it wrong and you will look tired, washed out and generally not well.

Also, you need to bear in mind that all colours have an energy, so by wearing colour you will feel energised but if you are wearing black this will deplete your energy. So, it is important to get it right. Some ladies are shy of wearing lots of colour on the outside, then make sure you are wearing colour in your underwear to give you some much needed energy.


First you need to know your own body shape and then you can work from there. What we are aiming to do, is to play up the areas of your body that you like, and play down the areas that you do not want to accentuate. If for arguments sake you carry your weight around your middle, wear darker skirts and trousers on your bottom half. Draw the eye upwards by putting some jewellery in the neck of your blouse. I have a straight up and down figure, and wear clothes that will give me an illusion of a waist. For my small bust I usually wear tops with detail on the front, either pockets, or perhaps a ruffle down the front.

There are lots of ways of drawing the eye away from areas you do not want to highlight. It’s about giving you the confidence to be who you want to be. When you know that you look good, you will feel good, which in turn will give you the confidence. We all want to receive compliments like “you look nice tonight is that a new top?” because it makes us feel good inside, and we all deserve to feel good.

Putting your outfits together

A lot depends on how you put your outfits together as well. Just by adding some accessories, can make such a difference. Try a necklace in the neck of a blouse or a long one on outside on a plain top. You can use a scarf to bring some colour into your outfit. Choose a nice coloured hand bag. I use fashion hand bags which, are not necessary leather but it means I can have several in different colours. You don’t have to be a fashion expert to dress well. You can learn which are your best colours and which styles suit your body shape.

You don’t need to be a stylist to know how to dress well

Help is at hand

You don’t need to be a stylist to know how to dress well, but you can learn all you need to know. As a colour and style coach I offer Colour and Style consultations.  I either work one to one with ladies or with two ladies together. This works well for two best friends to come along together, or mother and daughter and for this I do offer a discount.  Working with two friends makes a good girly session and is enjoyable to watch each other in the various colours. You can either come to me in Chelmsford as my new studio will soon be ready, or I can come to your home if you are local. Why not click over to my website now for more details.

You can follow me on Facebook  where I regularly post style updates.  Pinterest  is a love of mine and here I have several boards from style, colour combinations and many more. If Instagram is your thing I am on there as well. Why not give me a call for a chat to find out how I can help you on 07786 632798 or email me or visit my website 

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Find out which colours work best for you!!

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