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Visions of black?

clothes on hangers. No black here

Do you open your wardrobe door and see a vision of black hangers.  Black dresses, black trousers, skirts, blouses jackets and cardigans.

Why do you wear black all the time?

  • Because it goes with everything
  • Because it is a safe colour and I will blend in
  • Black is a slimming colour

Yes it is a good idea to wear a dark colour on the biggest part of your body.  So why not try navy blue, dark brown, aubergine, khaki, or charcoal grey for a change.  It is ok to wear black on the bottom half if you wear a colour close to your face.

If you just love your black so much and can’t be persuaded to wear anything else always accessorise in some way. A scarf for me is a must have essential and if you log onto my Facebook page,  I have several videos on how to tie them.

A statement necklace is another good idea, and it nice to have something in a nice bright colour from your own colour pallet. A coloured jacket, shrug, or cardigan can also work if you are not a scarf person.  Shoes and handbag in a colour will compliment your outfit.


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