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My tips for removing stains and caring for you clothes

My tips for removing stains and caring for you clothes
My tips for removing stains and caring for you clothes

I am going to share with you some ideas I have come across on how to prolong the life of your clothes. Before your favourite jumper or pair of trousers goes into the charity box. Check out my tips for removing stains and caring for your clothes.

My tips for removing stains and caring for you clothes

Bobbled clothes – I had a pair of navy trousers that were great to wear when working, smarter than jeans and easy to team up with tops. I had not had them very long and realised that they had bobbled. Someone suggested to use an old razor and it worked fantastically.  I guess is just the same as one of those bobble off gadgets you can buy. I have also done the same with a jumper.

Shrunk jumpers – Ever washed your jumpers in the machine and find they have shrunk? That’s why I always hand wash mine.  But, if you have, try soaking in warm water with some hair conditioner. Once nearly dry pull into shape.

Sweat Stains – Deodorant stains are always difficult to remove, try spraying your clothes with lemon juice before you wash them to reduce the chances of deodorant stains.

Zips – If you have a zip that is difficult to move up and down, do what I did when I worked in Wallis and rub a pencil up and down the zip on both sides. You will find it works wonders.

Reduce Drying Time – This is a trick I was taught as a swimmer, wrap your clothes in a towel and squeeze. You will end up with a wet towel but hopefully the item of clothing will be much dryer

Drawstrings – This happens to my jewellery bag, or perhaps your favourite hoody and the drawstring comes out. Either staple a straw on one end and thread through or put a safetly pin on one end and thread through.

Bubble-gum – Ever sat in bubble gum? Put the item of clothing in the freezer for a couple of hours and then scrape off with a knife.

Makeup stains – How often have you done that? Fulling a top over your head and getting makeup round the neck. Try shaving cream to remove all trace.

Red Wine – If you spilt red wine I always thought you had to throw white wine on top. Try rubbing in salt and it will absorb all the red wine.

Mud on suede – Now this is a strange one, but if you have mud on your suede shoes use bread to remove it.

Smelly Feet – Line your shoes with tumble dryer sheets.

Heal blisters – To avoid blisters in a new pair of shoes apply a layer of clear deodorant.

For great smelling clothes add a drop of lavender oil in the final rinse of your washing cycle.

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