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The right colour makes you feel better

I wanted to share with you a story that my trainer told me shared with me about one of her clients that she took personal shopping.  The client was not only disabled and in a wheelchair and also partially sighted. She complained that her carer always bought her black clothes which did not make her feel very nice and as she was unable to see them she thought it would not matter.

They went into Marks and Spencer and she was in the fitting room and the trainer handed into her several tops all in different colours.  The lady chose several tops that she wanted to buy but wanted to wear one of them now as she felt so much better than she did in the black one.

All colours have an energy you soak up the energy when wearing it – So why not choose a colour that makes you feel good and that in turn will give you confidence too.

The more I learn about colour the more fascinating it is.

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