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Spring clean your wardrobe

Spring clean your wardrobe
Spring clean your wardrobe

It’s that time of year again when I turn my wardrobe around from Winter to Summer.  Anything I have not worn this season and are unlikely to wear next year, I throw out.  Anything that has washed up, worn out, doesn’t fit can go.  Spring clean your wardrobe. It is worth looking through what you are going to put away and thinking to yourself.

  • Do you Love it?
  • Does it fit you or can it be altered?
  • Is it in one of your colours that you know suits you?
  • Is the style flattering?
  • Would I buy it today if I saw it in the shops?

If you can answer YES to all of these questions then it is probably worth keeping.  So many ladies have a wardrobe  bursting with clothes and can’t see the wood from the trees.  Do you really need that number of items anyway?   There are only so many days in a week. I think what we would all like is to acheive is a wardrobe full of clothes that we love but  also love wearing and everything else can go. If you have not worn it for the last year you probably don’t need it ( there is a reason you have not worn it.)

I have heard things like ” I have been shopping my whole life and I still have nothing to wear” or husbands have been known to say ” how can you have nothing to wear with all those clothes?”  Sound familier?  So what do you need to do?  Spring clean your wardrobe.  Some people prefer to have a friend with them for a second opinion but personally I prefer to do it on my own.  It is best to wait until you are in the mood to do it for best results. Try things on and you may suprise yourself in finding new ways to wear what you already have.

Have you heard the saying”  more is less”  It is True!

I would make five piles

  • Clothes to keep
  • Items to sell Ebay etc, Dress Agency or preloved stores
  • Charity Shop
  • Repairs/Dry Cleaning
  • Rubbish

If you have had a colour analysis session, or know which colours suit you, start by throwing away all the colours you know do not look good against your skin. If you are wearing them on your bottom half you can do so,  as long as you wear a top with one of your best colours with it.

So now go through your wardrobe and ask yourself those questions, if you are going to keep, put them back into your wardrobe but turn the hanger around the other way. As you wear the items put them back the right way round and at the end of the season you will easily see which items have been worn.

Spring clean your wardrobe
Spring clean your wardrobe

I hang my tops in colours so I can easily see what I have, cardigans and jackets up the other end.   On the full length hanging I have my dresses, trousers and then skirts.  Shoes I store in clear boxes (these were from lakeland) so I can see what is inside and my boots are in labelled boxes on the top of my wardrobe.  Jumpers, t/shirts, night wear and underwear are in draws. You must find your own way, but keep it simple.  I have some great storeage ideas on my Pinterest  if you need inspiration.

I am a Colour & Style Coach based in Chelmsford Essex.   If you have never had a colour analysis  or style consultation before and would like to,  please do get in touch.  For more details please visit my website  You can follow me on Facebook  where I regulary post style updates.  I also love Pinterest and have many fashion boards on which you might find useful.  If Instgram is your thing you can follow me on there also.   You call me on 07786 632798 or email me or visit my website.  I would love to hear from you.


Sandra from colourworx –  Find out which colours work best for you.




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