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Does your posture alter the look of your outfit?

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Does your posture alter the look of your clothes? Yes, it most certainly does, you hear so much these days about getting your body into alignment, and it certainly makes a difference. Not only to how you look but how your clothes look too. I go to a regular yoga class and each week we work on a different part of the body. This week we were working on our shoulders and so many of us are round shouldered due to sitting at a desk on our computers or mobile phones.

Does your posture alter the look of your outfit?

Does your posture alter the look of your outfit?
Does your posture alter the look of your outfit?

Standing up to your full height can make a huge difference. As I am tall, growing up I didn’t want to tower over my friends and so I was inclined to stoop to make myself not look so tall. I was bullied for being tall and thin so thought it was not good to be that way. I wanted to be small and petite but I think that was because I wanted to blend in and not stand out.

Fast forward till now, I am proud of my height, I love my long legs even though it is a problem ordering trousers to ensure they are long enough. It is important to stand tall. I love giraffes as many of you know and look how graceful they are standing full height. This photograph was taken last November at my niece’s wedding in South Africa. It was held at a wedding venue that had some game.

Be confident and stand in your power.

When you stand upright you can’t but help to lift your chest, which allows you to breath more easily. When you do this, you flatten your stomach which I think every lady I meet would like to do that. Put your shoulders back and let your trapezius muscles draw together down you back. I am not saying you should hold yourself like that all the time, but it makes a huge difference to how you stand. What it does so is spreads the weight evenly causing less wear and tear on your body.

When you stand tall it gives you confidence knowing you are allowing to show your body in the best light.

Posture and alignment.

I have had several spinal issues over the years from one leg longer than the other which turned out to be that my pelvis was out of alignment, and I had been building my shoes up for years. This caused back pain and sciatica. I have tried all sorts of things to sort this out from Bowen treatment, Deep Tissue Massage, Chiropractor, Osteopath, and no one has found a permanent cure. TI also have a curvature of the top of my spine and arthritis causing neck pain.

The best thing that I have done for myself is to do regular Iyenga Yoga, which is all about putting the body into alignment and balance. It is learning how to sit, stand, hold your head. I have learnt how to stretch out my body when I feel stiffness and relax into the possess. I have a Border Terrier called Rosie who I walk each day and whilst waking I try to hold my stomach in and shoulders back. It does not always work but I try. The alexander techniques also explain how to hold your body was very helpful.

Choose the right underwear.

Now you have your posture right, choose the right underwear as a base to put your clothes onto. If your weight goes up and down, it is a good idea to have regular bra fittings to check you are wearing the right size. Particularly if you have a large bust you need to get the right support to put your bust in the right place. This is allowing us to see your waist and with your tummy pulled show off your lovely figure.


Do not be frightened to stand in your beautiful light, stand tall, shoulders back, looking ahead to where you are going. This gives you confidence to be the best version of you. I am a Colour & Style Coach and can advise you on the best colours and style for you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to find out how to bring out the best in you.

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