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Black Friday is approaching and so is Christmas.

Black Friday is approaching and so is Christmas.
Black Friday is approaching and so is Christmas.

What is Black Friday anyway? It started in America and like everything else it has come here. So next Friday 24th November is a huge sale day. Many UK Retailers will take part and so a good time to start you Christmas shopping. Black Friday is approaching and so is Christmas.  Here are my tips on now to make it work for you.

Black Friday is approaching and so is Christmas.

I think you need to approach this in the same way you do about sale shopping. You don’t want to buy things that you don’t want or need just because they are going cheap. Ask yourself would I buy this at Full price!! Do I have anything to go with this item of clothing in my wardrobe. Check if you can return the item in case when you get home you have second thoughts.

Use the day to start your Christmas Shopping.

Start by writing a list of who you must buy for with a budget of what you want to spend. Then go back through your list with some ideas of what you think you are going to buy each person. This gives you something to go by but not set in stone. The offers have already started, I have 20% off in Marks & Spencer this weekend. Some shops are already doing 3 for 2 on gift packs and Debenhams have already had a 30% off weekend. Nobody wants to pay more than they have too for anything so it important to work the system to your advantage.

Do your research first.

If you are shopping online there is nothing to stop you browsing now and filling your basket. I know that some sites allow you to do that whilst others will empty your basket at the end of the day. Do some research and find the best price particularly on children’s toys and electrical goods. If you work through your list this way you will hopefully get the best price.

Black Friday Deals are also online.

If you are not an internet shopper and like to brave the shops, you can either wait till the Friday or you can shop a few days before and ask for the items to be put by for you for a couple of days. Some retailers will do that for you whilst others may now be getting wise, but it is worth a try. When you do buy any Christmas, presents do make sure to ask for a gift receipt. This is essential so that you person the gift is for can return it for another size or something else after Christmas.

Black Friday is approaching and so is Christmas.

You can also use these discounts for the other extras needed at Christmas. I have just bought some wrapping paper, and Christmas Crackers both at half price. Have you bought your new outfit for Christmas Day or The Christmas Party yet? We all love something new to wear on the big day. See next weeks blog” The perfect alternative to the little black dress”

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