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Are you mindful of the colours you choose to wear?

Are you mindful of the colours you choose to wear?
Are you mindful of the colours you choose to wear?

Mindfulness seems to be a buzz word now. It’s about living in the moment and being mindful of everything you do. If you are doing the washing up, think about what you are doing and not let you mind wonder. Mindfulness in dressing in the morning. Thinking about what you are going to wear and not just grabbing the first thing that comes to hand or wearing what you always wear. Are you mindful of the colours you choose to wear?


Are you mindful of the colours you choose to wear?

So many ladies that I meet tell me that they love wearing black and I can never understand why? Black is a very negative colour that will deplete your energy. It is not a very forgiving colour and can be draining on so many people. There is this belief that black can be slimming but then you can get the same result for wearing other dark colours. Black is a colour of authority and can sometimes make you quite unapproachable for that reason. There is now so much choice out there why not experiment a bit and try wearing other more uplifting colours.

Are you mindful of the colours you choose to wear?

Before I trained as a Colour Consultant, I knew that if I wore all grey, I felt all grey but never knew why and now I do. By adding colour to your wardrobe, you will not only bring out the colours in you, but you will feel better in yourself. As we all lead busy lives it is too easy to reach for the clothes we have always worn and shop in the shops we have always shopped in. So, how about mixing things up a bit and looking outside the box and try wearing different colours.

Are you mindful of the colours you choose to wear?

The brighter the colour the more energy it will carry. For those of you who know me, I love bright orange and red and these are my go- to colours that give me confidence but that does not mean that I cannot wear others. I do tend to stay away from the pastel colours, but I do wear some muted colours too. I do not want to be bouncing off the walls in a bright orange when I want to relax watching the TV.

So, what do the colours mean and why and when should you wear them?

Blue is the most loved colour and there are so many shades of blue to choose from. There are warm and cool shades of blue, so you can be sure to find one to suit you. It’s the colour of logic and a great colour to wear when you have that important email or letter to write. When we strive for success in business, we reach for the sky representing high aspirations. Wear blue when you want to appear trustworthy and loyal. Choose dark shades of blue to appear business-like and choose pale shades to appear calm and innocent.

Red has the highest vibration of them all and is the one to wear, if you are lacking in energy. If you don’t want to wear red on the top, you can wear red underwear or socks. Red represents energy and growth and is the most dominant colour that exists. Wear red when you want to appear dynamic and assertive. Don’t wear red when you want to relax and unwind.

Green is associated with nature and is a calming colour. It suggests coolness and calms the nerves, hence, why it is often used in hospitals. Also, green represents balance as it sits right in the middle of the colour spectrum. It is a healing colour and represents the heart Chakra. Wear green when you wish to appear calm and relaxed, but not when you want to be assertive.

Yellow is a lovely bright colour which makes me think of sunshine and warm sunny places, but not everyone can wear it. There are plenty of warm yellows but very few with a blue undertone for all you cool ladies. Yellow can cause the jitters or butterflies in the stomach. Wear yellow when you want to be noticed and when you want to appear joyful. Avoid yellow when you feel nervous or know that yellow is not a colour for you.

Orange is a combination of red and yellow, red stimulates physically and yellow stimulates mentally. This means it is a colour with high vibrations which are attractive to some, because it is a very stimulating colour many people find it too much. However, if you choose a muted version of orange, for example peach or apricot that maybe more pleasing. Save the bright orange for your accessories. Do not wear this colour to relax in.

Pink is just a watered down red and known as a feminine colour and sends out a message of gentle, charming and affectionate. Wear pink when you want to appear soft and feminine. Avoid pink when you want to appear powerful and assertive.

Are you mindful of the colours you choose to wear?

Personally, I don’t consider black or white to be a colour and would only wear either with something in colour. Instead of using black or white to wear as an accent colour I would choose something in a colour instead. I mean for example, instead or teaming a white blouse with a navy skirt I would choose pink, red, yellow, orange or any colour in preference to white.

This week’s challenge

Now here is the challenge look in your wardrobe and see how much colour there is. You don’t have to be frightened of wearing colour, it’s about finding the right colours to bring out the best in you. Hold the items up to your face and see how your skin reacts to the colour. Have a play and put different colour combinations together. Take a look at my Pinterest page on my colour pallet board to get some ideas. Do get in touch and share with me your ideas. If you would like to know about a colour consultation, I would be happy to help you.

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Find out which colours work best for you!!

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