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Why save your best clothes for a special occasion?

Why save your best clothes for a special occasion?
Why save your best clothes for a special occasion?

Do you remember being told as a child that you must save your best dress for best? I remember in those days we only one best outfit but now days that is not the case. I guess it’s so easy to just pull on anything if you are working from home. Why save your best clothes for a special occasion.

Why save your best clothes for a special occasion

As so many of us are working from home now, I guess it is easy to just pull on any old thing as no one can see you. BUT how does that make you feel? I work from home and on the days when I am not out seeing my clients, networking, or seeing my friends what do I wear? I like to dress as if I am going to work and by that I do not mean that I must wear office wear. You could still be in your  smart jeans with a nice blouse or jumper. It does not feel right for me to be wearing my track bottoms and a baggy top. It also tells my brain that I am working and puts me in work mode.

Why save your best clothes for a special occasion

I have been told that some people wear a nice blouse or shirt on the top but track bottoms on the bottom for all their zoom meetings. That would not work for me because if I do not feel right, I will not be able to concentrate. Clothes mean so much to me because of the way they make me look and feel. If you look and feel fantastic in the clothes that you are wearing you can feel like you can take on the world.

Why save your best clothes for a special occasion

In the mornings I stand in front of my wardrobe and say to myself what would do I feel like wearing today?  When I am lacking in energy, I will choose something in a bright colour. However, If I am feeling like I need some love in my life I might choose a soothing green, or muted pink. These are the heart chakra colours. On blog writing day when I need some inspiration, I would choose a blue colour as blue is the colour of logic and communication.

You deserve to look and feel fabulous every day

You deserve to feel fantastic every day and you can do that by wearing your nice clothes. Even wearing your favourite earrings can make a huge difference. Just by buying a new lipstick can brighten your face and bring out the colour of you top. I think what I am trying to say is do not spend every day in your scruffs. If you have nice clothes wear them, not only will you feel nice, but you will be more productive as well.

Do not forget to wear colour as well

Colour will bring it all together, colour is going to give you the energy you need and wearing the correct colours for you will bring out the best in you. If you need any help in finding the right colours for you go to my website for more details on my colour consultations, or give me a call contact details at the foot of this blog. I hope you have found this blog useful and that you are going to enjoy wearing your nice clothes every day and not saving them for best.

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