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Ten essentials to pack for a holiday in the sun

Ten Essentials to pack for a holiday in the sun

1) Sunscreen is a must – One I can recommend is P20 it is expensive but it is often on offer in Asda and I have seen it in Primark a lot cheaper.  My husband and I never burn where we have applied the lotion but you do need to let it dry before getting dressed as it does stain.

2) Sunglasses-  We must protect our eyes from the UV Rays, it stops sun damage and also they make a good fashion accessory.

3) Beach Bag-  Because they look so summery and usually plastic lined and look so much better by the pool than a handbag and I can usually get my husband to carry it if it is not too feminine

4) Bronzer & Lipstick-   My favourite Bronzer is the Younique one which also doubles up as an eye shadow and choose a favourite lipstick/gloss of your choice.

5) Kimono- I have three in different colours and they make great cover ups around the pool, or you can wear over a strappy vest top during the day or over a dress in the evening.

6) A pair of flat comfy shoes/sandals –  If you are sight- seeing you need to be comfortable whether that is a pair of converse, Birkenstocks, Flip Flops or just sandals

7) Light Coat/Jacket-  Something in place of a coat on those cooler days this could be a lightweight fleece, cardigan, jacket or blazer

8)  Scarves –  Choose ones that goes with most outfits in your colour pallet, this makes a great accessory and is always handy if there is air conditioning

9) Bikini or swimsuit – Invest in one that suits you and if you are not daring enough for a bikini choose a tankini which if you are tall is a lot easier to wear than a one piece

10) Tickets, Money & Passport

These are my top ten essential items not to forget to pack when making a trip to the sun.

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Are you a lover of Flat Shoes?

Being a lover of flat shoes I love these beauties that I have recently bought.  (New Look £9.99)  Bargain I thought!!  I wear a lot of demin,  skirts, cut of trousers, and jeans and they look great with them all.  I also love to wear white in the summer and red being my favourite colour they were a must have for my wardrobe and a great pair of flat shoes to take on holiday as they go witih so many outfits.

Being tall and always on the go and rushing around I do love to wear flat shoes and not a lover of heals but for some people they will not go anywhere without their killer heals.

So how do you wear the flats ?  If you choose a pair of ballet pumps to wear with a nice dress look out for a pointied shaped  toe as it has a similar effect to that of a heal.

Brogues I love to wear with my jeans and they come in so many lovely colours and they look particularly nice if you roll up your jeans a bit to show your ankle.  If you are looking to wear your brogues with a pencil skirt try to  choose a pair that are not too heavy and a pair that exposes more of your foot  down towards your toes as this is more flattering on your legs.

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Visions of black?

clothes on hangers. No black here

Do you open your wardrobe door and see a vision of black hangers.  Black dresses, black trousers, skirts, blouses jackets and cardigans.

Why do you wear black all the time?

  • Because it goes with everything
  • Because it is a safe colour and I will blend in
  • Black is a slimming colour

Yes it is a good idea to wear a dark colour on the biggest part of your body.  So why not try navy blue, dark brown, aubergine, khaki, or charcoal grey for a change.  It is ok to wear black on the bottom half if you wear a colour close to your face.

If you just love your black so much and can’t be persuaded to wear anything else always accessorise in some way. A scarf for me is a must have essential and if you log onto my Facebook page,  I have several videos on how to tie them.

A statement necklace is another good idea, and it nice to have something in a nice bright colour from your own colour pallet. A coloured jacket, shrug, or cardigan can also work if you are not a scarf person.  Shoes and handbag in a colour will compliment your outfit.


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Read My Lips!

Red gloss

I thought I would share with you what happened at my last Colour & Style workshop.  One of my guests was asking me about red lipstick saying that whichever one she bought didn’t seem to look right.  We had decided that she had a warm skin tone but she had been buying a bright red lipstick with a blue undertone which was so wrong for her.

As I am also a Younique presenter, I showed her a lip gloss (Ladylike) which is red but has a yellow undertone as I knew that would look great on her.   When I went to make the tea and was not looking she tried on the gloss and realised where she had been going wrong and before she left she asked if I had one in stock and bought one.  Another happy customer!!!

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The right colour makes you feel better

I wanted to share with you a story that my trainer told me shared with me about one of her clients that she took personal shopping.  The client was not only disabled and in a wheelchair and also partially sighted. She complained that her carer always bought her black clothes which did not make her feel very nice and as she was unable to see them she thought it would not matter.

They went into Marks and Spencer and she was in the fitting room and the trainer handed into her several tops all in different colours.  The lady chose several tops that she wanted to buy but wanted to wear one of them now as she felt so much better than she did in the black one.

All colours have an energy you soak up the energy when wearing it – So why not choose a colour that makes you feel good and that in turn will give you confidence too.

The more I learn about colour the more fascinating it is.