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How to Wear your scarves?

How to wear your scarves to the best advantage

By adding a scarf to an outfit can really bring your outfit alive.  For arguments sake take the little black dress, black is not a colour that every lady should wear as it can take all the colour out of her face but if you add a brightly coloured scarf in your colour pallet it will reflect the colour up onto your face and the effect can be stunning. We are spoilt for choice on the High Street as so many stores now  sell scarves as they not only compliment an outfit but they also are warm to wear.  I have a scarf to compliment most of my different coloured tops and dresses in my five power colours.

I love to wear red, not only because I know that the colour does suit me but also it gives me energy and being self employed working from home it helps to keep me motivated. Take a look at this photo ( bottom left) by adding this lovely scarf bought for me by a very good friend and adding one of my gorgeous pendants see how stunning it looks, it brings a plain jumper alive.  The scarf pendant I love as I can move it from scarf to scarf unlike a lot that you buy that are permanently attached to a particular scarf. Turn your nice outfit to fab by adding a scarf.

Heart Pendantsnood scarf

This of course is not the only way to wear a scarf as they can be tied several ways, you can buy some now that are stitched together like a snood  (top right)  and all you need to do is wrap it twice around your head to get the right effect.  This is one of favourites, I bought it in Sainsbury’s and it is in my colour pallet and goes with several tops and has turned out to be a very good buy. If you are interested in purchasing one of my scarf pendants you can do so by messaging me details on my home page.

Scarf Craft Workshops

I hold workshops from my home showing you lots of ways to tie your scarves and the next few dates are as follow 17th March, 7th April both on a Thursday evening running from 7.30 till 9.30pm.

Sarong workshops

Start on Saturday 14th May and Thursday 26th May – Find out how to look stunning on the beach in your lovely new sarong you got FREE from this workshop

If you would like any advise as to which colour would be best to flatter your completion or like to book onto one of my workshops please do get in touch.


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2 thoughts on “How to Wear your scarves?

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