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How to dress using layers in unpredictable temperatures

How to dress using layers in unpredictable temperatures
How to dress using layers in unpredictable temperatures

Last week we had such warm sunshine and great temperatures for the time of year, and I was talking about looking at your spring wardrobe. However, this week it is a totally different situation with cold temperatures and a need to wear your warmer clothes. Here are my tips on how to use layers to dress in unpredictable temperatures.

How to dress using layers in unpredictable temperatures

This week my husband and I went to Lincoln for a few days. On Monday late afternoon we sat outside a bar with a glass of wine, and I was wearing a t/shirt and cardigan. The next day we were walking around in jeans, jumper, heavy winter coat with a scarf. The following day we were wearing much the same but also it was windy with rain. Three days and the weather were totally different on each day.

So, how do you dress for these types of weather conditions?

Fortunately, we were aware that the weather was going to be a lot cooler and gone prepared, but how do you cope with these unpredictable temperatures?  Hopefully, we have past the time for a need for thermal underwear, but I love wearing a camisole under my blouses and jumpers as an extra layer offering some warmth.

How else can you do this? Layering your clothes is the way to go. Take you favourite dress, and put a t/shirt or jumper underneath if you know it is going to be a colder day. If you think that it will warm up during day you start with a jacket of cardigan over the dress so you can remove if you get warm.

How to dress using layers in unpredictable temperatures
How to dress using layers in unpredictable temperatures

Too warm for a coat but too cold to go without.

Have you tried one of these sleeveless coats? This one I bought from Zara a couple of months ago and I always choose to wear it when I feel I need something but not necessary a coat. So far I have worn it over a warm jumper or sweatshirt, but I can see myself wearing it over a long sleeved t/shirt as the weather gets a bit warmer. It could also be worn over a winter dress instead of your winter coat.

Layers can also slim your body lines to make you look slimmer

Try wearing a tunic with a long line waterfall cardigan over the top, with a long necklace, by wearing layers you can draw the eye down. It also means that if you do get warm you can take a layer off.

Long cardigan coats or coatigans

I love these and they are a great asset to any wardrobe as they are lightweight, but they do add some warmth and really make an outfit. They are warmer than a blazer because they are longer, but they are not so structured as a jacket, giving a more relaxed chic look.

Use the layers to put a chic outfit together

You can use dressing with layers to make the most of your figure. What we are looking to do here to draw the eye away from the areas you do not like and enhancing the bits that you do. If you would like more information about how to dress your body shape you can purchase my eBook “How to style your body shape and become the best version of you” Download from my website. For £5.00

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